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His nine fights in the ufc. Didn't make it at around one and on the other side with practice. Now it's even worse. This is a guy who never makes it at around one. Seven of his last eight fights have failed to make it at around one and even worse for practice. Neo is. He's owen three in the nfc with three straight first round. Ko law says his chin isn't holding up he doesn't seem to be competitive at the ufc level and he's not even making it a couple of minutes and khalil. Roundtree is a kill or be killed in three minutes type of fighter. He goes out there and leaves it all on the line and either knocks you out or gets knocked out in the first three minutes. I actually dig. This fight is probably priced right because of the level of competition difference. Rowntree's been in there with the likes of johnny walker ion ho cooed. Alaba go can't sake paul craig. Tyson pedro era ganders. All big rank light heavyweights at the time. And he's won some in law some but the one thing that remains consistent is those fights in quick i think khalil rowntree's probably going to get a knockout here within the first two minutes rather than lay minus three hundred. Let's just go under one and a half rounds minus one fifty. Okay so Maybe some get some round props as well in there as we get closer to the weekend they get posted Maybe get a specific action there and get a little bit more. Pay out if you like the side as well my friend. Good to be back on the horse and should be a great card this weekend. Obviously the exciting main event with such intrigue around conor mcgregor and the unknown the unknown an expected right. That's the way to approach mcgregor. But we appreciate you getting on air in gives us in your thoughts. Thanks as always doug. It's a pleasure to be back happy new year. Everybody best of luck this weekend. Take care all right you got about. Nobody has ever bet enough on a winning horse. I really great stuff. Thanks to matthew holt as always get his breakdown of the car and it was really fun but during a fight card with the ultimate fight night going on right now over on fight island of course thanks to aerial awani really fun chatting all things not just the world but also the football world as well so a big part of bills mafia so he obviously is a lot going on this week able to space it all out as he did the juggling act last weekend on saturday but obviously the action be on both days so go check out the main event and everything else on the fight guard this weekend from abu dhabi and we'll check back with mr executive director tomorrow for the nfl. Podcast will also have some analysis from one of our analysts so thanks everyone for download downloading rating reviewing all the fun stuff. And we'll see you back here tomorrow..

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