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Yes. Yes. So now, we'll go ahead. Sorry when Steve Spurrier coach Florida he loved to just best with LSU. He he'd be like, you know, what I I don't think we're going to let you wear white when when we go. He's the visiting team has to approve the switch. Yeah. Like like, we're white jerseys in Baton Rouge. Fuller or yellow that's it just drew insane. Because that's what these were like. Yeah. So all right. So with with those final four, let's say Notre Dame does get in. Is it a Notre Dame? It's real, and they could maybe win this whole thing or similar to the number one Notre Dame or whatever it was number two when they lost Alabama by a billion points a few years ago. I think you're better than that team. Mostly because their defensive line is really good. Brought it feels right now with Clemson playing the way it has the last couple of weeks like like Alabama Clemson now, they probably not equal, but they seem to be separated from everybody else. Like, Clemson feels like the only team that could go toe-to-toe with Alabama. And I'm not sure if you get when they hit kill mode. I don't think Notre Dame or Michigan or LSU able to hang them. Yeah. We could talk Heisman if you want. But I'd rather talk about who the best fullback in college football is because we're doing a trophy form this year. Ben Mason, he's yeah. He's number one on my watch list right now. I've created watchlist as of this very second. So yeah, I like Mason. I like the guy from Texas A and M and obviously the dude from LSU that paints his face. Twelfth man thing. Yeah. Just like that's ideal in the hair. Good. I a in a mullet guy. Yeah. It's it's quite a battle going who else needs to be on that list right now. That's a good question. Who else has a fullback LSU plays fullback? They do their full Beckett. He's the guy with the with the face paint. Right. Listen Talca is he still on the team? Yes. We could put him on. Those are my top three right now. Mason has actually had a great season for. Yeah. All right. Well, Andy, thank you so much. Hopefully, we see you maybe grab a beer when we see a Saturday night. Thanks for coming on appreciate it. And hopefully the Tigers win. I don't know how they're going to do it. But they got to win go talkers. It's coach listen coach. Yo your knows more than people think she does. He that's why it took it took me twenty five minutes. But I finally got it out to you the coach compliment I needed. Thank you know, you guys know that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we he knows all you have to do is meet the guy to realize this guy is very smart. Yes. Yes. And he could kick your ass. Yeah. Every single time number one in the coach kick your ass power rankings. All right. Thank you. Andy preciado it. Thanks, man. You get that interview was brought to you by the dumb. I just hold Hank. I was about to read this ad in Hank said, do you guys have those? And I was like, yeah. I've gotten to Dom sweater. And Hank goes, that's so f- wording, comfy, right? Zoe said was that your comfy so fucking comfy? I didn't know if I was led to say that. But fuck that they are very very comfortable. There cashmere sweaters. When you put them on you feel like a bazillionaire. It is my first time owning a cashmere sweater. And I'm hooked. I gotta.

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