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No definitely agree and very helpful that cnn is they to give all of his exposition again i am hyper aware that they are just hand holding us along this movie feels that gets geared for young audiences this feels like a nominee the or a hunger gangs yeah i was thinking divergent mees runner that those ones i haven't seen but are definitely for the teens i think it is meant for tweens and teams you've got a point i hadn't considered that because i've come with this i come to this movie from the point of view of having read the books now and we always try to bring those three different viewpoints so i was coming to see what they did with the stories the stories are certainly not that but my feeling was that this was to dulled this pg 13 rating a i think it could have been pg they don't even use their one f bomb and be there's so much cillian murphy violence in this movie and so much just offscreen death unlike what is supposed to be the impact of this i'm really feeling let down but i don't go see divergence and i feel hunger games had more edge than this movie does if they wanna make a pg thirteen to get more kids to see this whatever fine i don't have a whole lot of problems with how they cut the violence there is one seem though where the man in black i guess we have com walter he tells the girl hate a little girl i feel like if this was are rated you'd have seen that little girl like attacker mother instead of just like cuts away i wasn't that divvy like that i went through all the trailers to see if there was a stinger at the and i wanted to see her like stabbing her mom about popular he is the worst villain ever is he he is first of all a micro manager second of all he's wandering through new york city i love the look of mckanna hey as the man in black i think mcconaghy's giving everything he can to a poorly written role.

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