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Drinking feel our Yes, It's Jimmy San Tangelo Jimmy, the wine guy. He is the proprietor, The Empresario, the Chief cook and bottle washer. At the wine Academy of Utah. And Jimmy is here to talk about whiskey. Campfire whiskey. Good morning, Mr Santo Angelo. Good morning, everyone. How's everyone doing? Thanks for having me on this morning. Talk about this great product. Yeah, what it let's let's just get right into it, huh? This This isn't unusual product, I think from Hi, west distilleries. Yeah, You don't see Ah blended whisky of this sort, with the characteristics often done in such a fine job. I gotta tell you so what the high West campfire whiskey is, it's a blend of three different whiskeys. It's a blend of bourbon, a blend of rise and then a blend of Pete ID. Scotch whiskey. So that's where you get that touch of smokiness from, I don't know books. Heat is real interesting. It's it's uh, the peat key 80 that Thai spell it. Pete is found about a meter down in the ground. You dig it up. It's this valuable substance, almost clay like And you dry it out and then you burn it. We used to use it for fuel in Scotland in the 16 17 hundreds, and that's where they smoked. They dried out the grain. And that smokiness from the peat attached to the grain. And when they went to the still from that barley that smoked petered barley. The cat is really cool. Um, smoky kind of maritime kind of this, Um Greatest like your next to a campfire at the end. At the end of the day, um, kind of aromatic through the whiskey. It really does. It smells kind of like a campfire, and there's even as sort of a taste reminiscent. The campfire sitting there and, you know, it's the end of the I've been on a cattle drive. And, you know, I bet with me into the cattle drive. Yeah. It's subtle. It's not over the head. It's not bunking on ahead like a single malt peaty Scotch whisky from Isla, Um, where it That's all it is. This is really well ingrained. It's uh, you know, this is also a blend of 4 to 8 year old whiskey's together, so it's got some barely statement to it. You have Brand new American Char bells that it's been set in a little bit of second use barrels, so it's a really handcrafted find product that's been blended together. No, You know what the best part is, You know, that's part. Sorry, Bill. The best part is that it's limited here in Utah, right? You can't fire used to be all across the country, but it's been narrowed down and because we love it so much here in the state and showed so much support. This camper was part of their limited release program of twice years, spring and fall will see a command now. This would be good in mixed drinks. I would think some sort of how would you mix this campfire? High West campfire whiskey? What would you do with it? So you can blend in two different ways. I like it as a take on the rusty nail, which has got to dream buoy something out the Scotch whisky for this campfire with the DRAM buoys. That I created that cocktail at the Metropolitan Restaurant back in the day with Karen Elson. Now you guys remember that restaurant? Of course. Sure. Yeah, And that was a lot of fun called it The American Joe Little take on it with having an American whiskey in that, But also I love this. I love this with coffee. Um, making an Irish taken an Irish coffee. Um, you use about an ounce of the whiskey three ounces of hot coffee, maybe a little sugar in there a little demure or sugar in the raw, simple syrup and then floated with just a little bit of heavy cream, not integrating it in. But just the floats When you sip that Yeah. You get a chill. You get the chill of the cream on the palate. You get the heat of the coffee and the sting of the whiskey. It all mixes real nice together. That sounds great. I have all of those ingredients available to me now they're just right here. S Oh, hi. Hi west Campfire whiskey, and you can only get it in Utah. Now. That's pretty cool, eh? So let's prices 64 bucks at the state stores, and it's pretty widely available right now, but that's it. It's a one and done released. So see it on the shelf. Grab it. Ah, Ah and I I always get to because I'll give one to a friend or mail to a buddy out of town. So it's a fun. Uh, it's a good opportunity. So Jimmy Wine Academy of Utah still got plenty of events going on. What what? What can people look for if they go to Wine Academy? Of Utah dot home Yep, Just go right to our tasting events Tab and we released all our summer in home wine events. We've got these new events, new wines, new presentations. It's It's going to be a lot of fun, ranging from A taste of Italy that you can explore splashes. Spain, California Coast had a lot of fun with the names California thing all these fun events and one of my favorite event today, heading up to you to share it with each year was the Manhattan cocktail it take in the history of my absolute favorite events to do. Yeah. Zim Porton learn this stuff to me. I think anyway. Yeah, it's so this is great. These air great gifts you could give to people or do it for special events like anniversaries are for birthdays. We've done it for Absolutely highly recommended done up for the hell of it s o Wine Wine academy of Utah dot com and what people don't realize, too is that Jimmy is a Assam. Yea, that's that's not that doesn't come easily on. You can frame people to be some years and do what you do, right? Yeah, that's right with the wine is for its education, trusted the UK based program that I'm licensed through. We certify people in both wind spirits and even shocking way had a quick text question. And then we'll wrap this up asking for a friend. Uh, do you have a surefire hangover cure? In the words of my grandmother? Keep drinking. No, like, just keep drinking. Look the hair of the dog here, dawg. What? Lots of water, Right. What? All right. Jimmy sent Angelo Thank you very much. You can find all of this at wine academy of Utah dot com. Will talk to you again soon. Thank you Look forward to it..

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