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Up on. I know have log into spotify. Get it either. So that's the cool things. I can't imagine them not being aggressive. But here's thing that guy. Put all that code on a get hub. So you're going to be whack a mole so someone's gonna take one site down in someone put another no cats out a bag on that one. So what's a strand survey. Yeah there's a survey that was done Forget who did it doesn't say in the article. Oh team whistle did a survey and says that a lot of the millennial and gen z. People are replacing their tv watching with a lot of podcast listening to people really watch tv anymore but does that include is that mean that. They're not watching youtube. And i don't know about you but didn't really specify what on tv that they're watching but a lot of people using audio because they're doing other things while you know just like the use case for podcasting in general but they're saying that thirteen to thirty four year old demographic there is really taking the podcasting more so than they have been definitely rejecting television as much you know as they have in the past so i don't know like i said it doesn't specify whether you know it started about net flicks or any of that kind of stuff. I know broadcast. Tv's and kind of a bad way. Just because of you know most people are watching a lot of net flicks and other things you know. It's even interesting incense really the majority of the stuff. I'm watching now. When i do have time to have anything on the tv. I'm watching youtube stuff and youtube series. Yup i watch a lot of those two. You know that. My wife just watches netflix netflix. Snap flicks so you know. She barely watches any broadcast television. So it's kind of funny. Because i could almost cancel netflix's at this point i may watch one movie on netflixif past six months so maybe check it out. Maybe there's a bunch of new stuff over there. But anyway that's what i've been doing. Hugh code has hired longtime formal apple. Podcasts executive steve wilson. Steve spended apple podcasts. For ever think he left a couple of years ago and went to another company. And now slandered at q code. I thought he was still with apple for awhile. But i'm wrong. He's going to be the chief strategy officer over there so good. Congratulations steve. yeah for picking that up so it's less than two weeks left smit your show to the ambiance. The deadline is december. Fifteen point the embassies the ward system for the podcast academy so it's podcasts. Academy dot.

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