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Well, you know what, two years ago, his brother Zade wisdom, I was playing in the Ontario hockey league and I hope to hell that the Bruins would have drafted them. They never did. Um, I think he was gone before the Bruins picked. Um, I called Meg Danelle, the guy that would become an instant fan favorite in Boston. Um, wisdom is right behind him. Uh, I think he plays that, that game with the molder that never quits high energy. Um, you know, isn't the greatest skater, but he's got some speed and he's got some mobility. He's not afraid to get dirty. Um, what's he listed at six foot one, one 72. So he's got a little bit more size than, than Mac Danelle does. I think in my list, I probably have him higher than, than I should, but I think if he follows the progression his brother did at this, at this level, then, um, you know, I'd be happy with him. I think his brother ended up being a third round pick if I recall correctly, but yeah, I, I love him. I love the way he plays the game. That doesn't necessarily mean it's going to translate. It's got a great shot. His IQ is well above average. Um, his skills, um, I would say slightly above average, but his physicality and that, and you know, that's what Bruins fans want. This is what you're going to get from, uh, uh, Dom, I'm curious and I'm not profiling any players at all, but when you said his, his, his name and his brother's name, are those first nation players? No, no, they're, uh, they're, um, I forget where they're from. Okay. But I just hear African American, African Canadian. So, okay. All right. Very cool. You know, I mean, w w very diverse, you know, the community here. So we, we, we, we respect all of it, but I was just curious because that's, uh, to, in my opinion, I've seen that name before Zachariah on, on several first nation names and he's got the best hair. Ah, nice. He's got the flow.

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