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On the half board. He made the first pass across to his defense. When a quick one touch play. It comes back to him on the rebound and summer puts it away. Power play goal in the Agra goes up. 10 30 No. Nine left in the second. You know, it looks like they're force had that defense pretty good. But like you said, they moved it so quickly and Walker summer scores against his old team. The power play goal, Nagra. One Nothing 13 09 left second period, So we had 27 minutes nearly 27 minutes of scoreless hockey in this game before the purpose, break the ice with the power play score. Now after the face off, here's a puck that got out of play in the air Force end, so we'll drop it in front of Zach LaRock and the Falcons plate from behind right now they win the tap. Rogers Rims it around from Norland Norland. Nice touch pass ahead for Harper. Max Harper skates in cuts across from circle left circle to the right circle, made a move and then lost the puck. Back the other way. An interception by Alex Maynard spoils break out for the Purple Eagles and a shot, not much on it from Harper. I think that was more of a past than a shot, but it got through traffic and making the save his course in. Well, you know, one of the things Air Force one to do is every team does get that first goal The Falcons have played from behind so much. This season. They want to get that first one. They had so many good looks, and then you take a penalty and we've talked about Niagara's power play. How good it is. They moving around quickly in the Purple Eagles end up getting that first goal of this game. 10 Niagara 21 9 shots on goal favor of Air Force, but one Nothing on the scoreboard favor the Purple Eagles, Nagra win the tap skate out of there with the pop course act. Will swat it out of the air, but they don't call a hand, pass the puck deep into the air Force and retrieved by the Falcons and fumbled along the boards by rhyme toe. Harper, who shot is blocked by rhyme and ricochets off the pad, the shin bad really rhyme all the way deep into the Niagara End. Retrieved here by the Purple Eagles. Five side penalty boxes are empty. The pup loose now in the air Force, and Falcons, with a chance to dump it out of there can't do it it keeping at the blue line By Chris Harper. Stick battle right at the blue line in the middle of that is Nate Horn. Along.

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