Andy Greenberg, Russia, Ukraine discussed on Fresh Air - How Russia Might Be Using Ukraine As A Cyberwar Testing Ground


My guest is andy greenberg he wrote the cover story in july's wired magazine titled lights out how russia is using ukraine as a testing ground for cyber attacks after a break we'll talk about how he drove a car whose electronic control system was hacked and david beyond coolly will review the new tv shows glow and prime suspect tennyson i'm teary gross and this is fresh air support for this mpr podcast and the following message come from amazon studios and lionsgate presenting the big sick from judd appetito comes a new comedy based on the real life romance between pakistanborn comedian who mailmen jiyani and grads students emily gordon who fall in love but struggle as their cultures clash when emily contracts a mysterious illness camille finds himself forced to face her feisty parents his family's expectations and his true feelings and select theaters june twenty third everywhere july fourteenth let's get to the global ransomware attack that happened in may about three hundred thousand machines and one hundred fifty countries were affected would you described the attack yet so this piece of ransomware a kind of now where that luck subject computer than encrypt slow your files and demands you pay a ransom for them spread through hundreds of thousands of machines around the world using aid leaked nsa hacking tool it was basically a hacker group which may or may not have been associated with russia us stole a bunch of nsa hacking tools through means we still can't identify published a bunch of them and they included a way to basically break into windows machines and in fact that hacking method was so affected that it could be used in a kind of worm where it spreads from one computer to the next automatically and so another group of hackers.

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