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The age of ninety nine since away way to jones's suit jesus for more than half a century billy graham bronte's message of christian faith stiff followers around the world hundreds of millions of them more than any preacher in histories i believe that we americans have a choice to make got it sent me out as a warrior out on the five continents to preach the gospel and i must continue until he gives the signal that i'm just william franklin graham jr grew up on a north carolina dairy farm and a strict religious family as a boy he dreamed of being a baseball player but heartbroken after a breakup he turned to religion graham found his calling at in 1949 got his big break preaching at a ten to revive only los angeles jesus christ son i'm very prevalent that you face newspaper tycoon william randolph hearst took notice and told his editors to promote graham it may billy graham a national figure and taught in the power of modern media and we have used television and radio and france in every way we possibly can you communicate the fact that price in transform human life he was a strike beginner i am telling you what the bible says graham learn how the touch people's hearts and when you go home tonight you don't go alone christ goes with you he loves will look camera think i'm talking to one person he took his message of salvation across the country at around the world it hundreds of crusades to nearly every country on earth day reaching millions one seoul at a time i don't want them to follow me i'm only a cool in the hands of god to proclaim a message of good news.

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