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Asked him as the young action heroes, stupid pitch ahead in my head, I that I generalized was he's a retired cop who's one of his cases is bumped back up by younger, like sort of. And now he's, I gotta go get this guy's help. And he's like, wow, he seems to actually know his way even though he's a wise ass older do that's fun. You know it was into gambling. Yes, right. Kooky like that. Yeah, that that's a fall. PT Anderson needs to fuck indirect. Because I would like to see those. That's another one of my favorites of him in Jackie Brown, Jackie Brown, as a great cop, just like a perfect like like same Jackson as that great line about him. Like he's a cop who loves being car. About halfway through and then it really informs how you watch the rest of the seeds and turns his chair around backwards of much shit. This is great. He's on. Yeah, that'd be cool to see him get in. Maybe some of those kind of or even like a skirt says he sort of movie of like one of those David Russell kind of movie one of those cool prestige like hardcore ones like Tom Sanderson, like it makes me think of that because like you can get like a role in a movie that's only in it for you know, twenty. Yeah, it's only six short and inherent vice. Yeah, or like Tom Cruise in magnolia, you know, like something where you're like, Lena boogie nights. Exactly. Like some sort of role like that where you just give them, let them do something big and crazy a coke head. Maybe like just seeing them coked up. Period piece to see like long uninterrupted takes Michael Keaton. I guess what I want is to just stare at Michael. I guess what I'm pitching is a long monologue from Michael. Yeah, this is watch his standup. We just wanted to get our special Michael. Are you listening, comedy, central. We stop your embargo. Our people wanted Obama. I would fuck that we should write it. Yeah, right. Michael, our. Just you remember what I was in Pacific to get we can. We get rich enough to have that make to make that work like sort of like, hey, my cookie, and we'll give you one hundred thousand dollars. You just let us film you for one hour reading shit. We wrote. Did you kidnapped me. But it's really easy. Exactly. Oh, speaking of comedy, central special. Not ham fisted at all Devon with first of all, thanks for coming on high and mighty. Thank you for having me. I'm a big fan of yours end of this show. Yeah, end of Keaton. Looking at all fans all day long. Yeah. But you have comedy central special coming? I do. I have a special a half hour.

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