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I just didn't get the translation jobs that I really wanted. Do you read it that place? What's it called Jiro? Is that euro or Jiro don't know how to say his name the best in the world. Not hero is on share Jiro. You don't who is? Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Jiro? So you'd never ate there earlier. Mayor. I wanted to ask you stupid question and ruin the entire interview. There's a documentary the best sushi chef in the world. He's in a subway station in Japan. So she loves Japanese culture in the baby she she'd gone back to animate. Yeah. I like to talk about animate. What if you had to tell me that this is the view wanna get into anime watch. This is there anything you'd point out to me. Well, my three favorite enemy are really long. So like dragging buzzy when piece of Nado toe are my favorite and most inspiring enemy. But recently, the hot one is my academia, no, my haka demi-deuil is about a world where everybody has some kind of weird quirk or like UK superpower and some user power for evil. But some what it use it for good. So they have to go to school to learn how to be superheroes. So it's like cool like as if you know trained to be a fighter and go fight crime. It's about this kid's adventure learning. How to use this group hours, and it's really inspiring. It makes you want to power up and be awesome, which a mundane power that would some of them have. They all have different powers to have to be some that are just average like he's this guy's great at walk in a straight line. Shitty. Superpower. Let's see one girl can make things float by touching them and holding her breasts, and then she exhales fall down pretty awesome. That's a great power. Worst pow ever why hold your breath and make it float. And then just get out of there. Right. Watch them fall. When that's her second. We go ahead. Electrocute stuff. One guy can harden his hands to be like as hard to stone. To any them of the same power. Like is a whole group that hardens are hand everyone's power different genetic link to rocks dad's thing. Oh, okay. Now is in Japanese dubbed English. I think it's on Hulu subtitles I think it might be dub as well. As she had one more for us through those two. You said is any other one? Would you say? He said to. Oh, my hero. Could not go has always good. Was that? Anime? Atalay lissette. Did you ever watch cowboy bebop? Yes. How is that? So many recommended that. Yeah. Really good most people like it. I wasn't so into yesterday about it. But I don't like guns. So make sense. You said the ones you like your unusually long how how long are these movies or is it a series? It's a series. What is unusually long? How long has that? I think one piece has five hundred episodes. Why did you? Since college college. I started watching it. And I'm still watching it. It's still going or they all oh. I'm not sure I think it may still be going. Wow. Five have you seen them all from the beginning? Yeah. But I'm behind a little bit. I'm like a few years behind. Binge-watch them. Let a catch up Walking Dead was going through long. This is ridiculous anime. You can do anything though. Yeah. All right. Well, I'll give it a shot. I now I'm going to watch one episode of that. And you have to promise to watch the Star Wars Christmas special. Okay. Province. I hope it doesn't kill your love for Star Wars. Yeah. No took a hand Watch watch. like the droid one. Oh, droids the cartoon. Yeah. Good acute those things. Now, David not the cartoon. There was like a live action one like in the eighties or something droids the live called. I thought it was a cartoon. But now, I'm I'm gonna look at them. What do you got Jimmy while? Do you pay a lot of attention to the ranking?.

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