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The arts club of Washington, the national museum of women in the arts will host virtual events. It'll play the popular party game never have I ever. The questions will be art focused, the game will be followed by a cocktail class, and it'll include recipes for cocktails and mocktails from three local mixologists whose drinks are based on a female artist that inspires them. Acacia James WTO P news. 5 women in Texas are challenging the state's 6 week abortion ban after finding themselves on the brink of death after their pregnancies threatened their lives. Needed an abortion after complications with her pregnancy left her in the ICU with sepsis. My healthcare team was anguished as they explained there was nothing they could do because of Texas's anti abortion laws. The lawsuit claims that Texas fetal heartbeat act is created confusion among doctors who turn away pregnant women with health complications for fear of prison time for performing an abortion. Texas right to life's John seago helped draft the law. Does not need to be altered, but there may be tools that we need to educate practitioners to correct some false narratives. Chris Fox for CBS News, Austin. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. The latest now from depressed and bring on the mayhem before the madness bench college basketball's ACC tournament saw Virginia tech dispose of Notre-Dame last night's 67 64 hokeys play NC state in the second round Atlantic ten second round in Brooklyn, George Mason meets Richmond this afternoon, the Patriots swept the spiders during the regular season, but coach Kim English knows what Tyler Burton has the capability of being one of the best scores in the country always a threat. He didn't have a great game going from a field goal standpoint the last game, but late in the game made two huge threes. Burton scored 28 points in Richmond's first round win over UMass. That's a 2 p.m. tip off at 5 George Washington plays saint Joe's mount saint Mary's move from the northeast conference to the metro Atlantic this past season. They moved into the quarterfinal round against top seed iona with a win yesterday, CAA championship game in Washington, D.C., college of Charleston secures at NCAA, tournament bid with a victory over UNC Wilmington, NBA wizards squeak by Detroit one 19 one 17 Daniel gafford's tip in of Bradley beals, miss at the buzzer, the difference. No

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