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Maria also invited the reporters into the private facebook group. She created for the other survivors. And that's where they were able to learn about the other women's stories My name is Eileen. I'm twenty six years old and I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba in Canada. My name is Eliza from California and twenty five years old. I live in Shanghai China and as the women described what happened to them in Italy the reporter to uncover Leonardo Mog Leo's pattern. His guests were primarily women and they came from all around the world like Marine Kate. They wanted to go see Venice but couldn't find a place to stay so they went on couch surfing. We had forgotten to book hostels. We looked at. They're really expensive. So we put out a message on couch surfing and I think immediately he message US Leonardo and said Oh you can come and stay at my place. And then he picked us up and then it all went downhill from there once. They got to paddle a Leonardo. Did the whole tour guide thing taken them shopping and treating them two meals so we went to A pizzeria There he bought a Some drinks and we had one or two One we already said we were good. We didn't want anything else He ended up paying for entire bill. So we felt it's pretty like bad about it. And then at some point he would whip up a home cooked meal he shows couch surfing girls. Oh I'm making you passed. He tries to be very nice that way so then he can get away with other stuff along with dinner. Leonardo would serve them something special then he pulls out another Jug of wine to red wine and it's in a Jug Nada. Its original bottle he said Oh. This is my homemade specialty. Italian wine. you can't get it anywhere else. It is very strong. But it's a specialty and you have to try it. I like Oh like we don't want to drink anymore. We're not even done first class okay. We'll just try a little bit. Just see how he how it tastes and he pours a small Small glass of it. I only had two sips of that. I didn't even finish my other glass of wine. I was also eating so I barely had any alcohol in me and within ten fifteen minutes. I could see like everybody at the table. Antonia Cindy Jenny. There are all getting very like dazed out their hands on their heads over the table. My head was feeling very heavy. I was very slow in my thinking. My Body felt heavy and then Leonardo or make Leo said to my friend. Tonia Antonio you sleepy..

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