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And fear, sometimes combined to create public love, and at ration- that seems to have happened to both Lindsey Graham, and Donald Trump junior, Lindsey Graham, clearly hated Donald Trump when he was running against him for president. The world's biggest jackass. He's race baiting xenophobic religious big. He's an opportunist. I think he's a Kook. I think he's crazy. I think he's unfit for office. And when the access Hollywood video came out showing Donald Trump bragging about his favourite form of sexual assault. Lindsey Graham tweeted named one sports team university, publicly held company, etc. That would accept a person like this as their standard bearer, but Donald Trump was already the Republican nominee for president, and there was nothing Lindsey Graham could do about that. And when Trump voters delivered an electoral college victory to Donald Trump Lindsey Graham began staring at his voters in South Carolina locked in fear, fear of Trump voters. And so Lindsey Graham combination of hate, and fear of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump's voters has produced the new Lindsey Graham who loves don't Trump, the new Lindsey Graham full of public. Adoration of Donald Trump. Analyst and author Jean Carole, has accused Donald Trump of grabbing her exactly the way he describes in the access Hollywood video, and then raping her in a Fifth Avenue department store dressing room twenty five years ago, Donald Trump has denied the accusation and today Lindsey Graham said he's denied it. And that's all I need to hear. Lindsey Graham never said that about Bill Clinton, when Lindsey Graham was one of the House Judiciary committee. Prosecutors in Bill Clinton's Senate impeachment trial. He's denied it, and that's all I need to hear like Donald Trump junior before him. Lindsey Graham seems to have come to his public position of love of Donald Trump by working his way through his hatred and fear of Donald Trump yesterday, Donald Trump junior tweeted this about aging Carol's, rape accusation enough is enough with this bull crap. Let him do his job. Is that what Donald Trump junior said to his mother, when his mother under? Growth, accused his father of raping her the very first person to accuse Donald Trump of rape was his first wife, Donald Trump, junior's mother, and she did it under oath in a deposition. She said Donald Trump attacked her and ripped her hair out and raped her because he was angry that her plastic surgeon did a bad job on his hair. It was around that time that Donald Trump junior stopped speaking to his father reports indicate that Donald Trump junior did not speak to his father for a year. That's what hatred consumed, like between father and son. Silence. And then perhaps came the realization that Donald Trump junior had no marketable skills that could preserve the lifestyle that has father could provide him. And so Donald Trump junior, went to work for the man, he wouldn't speak to for a year. And now when someone accuses Donald Trump of doing what doing to her what Donald Trump junior's mother said. He did to her. Donald Trump junior says enough is enough money changes everything in Trump world. It even changes the word rape after Don Trump reached a financial settlement with his first wife..

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