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And it in the way it works is it connects to a beacon a bluetooth ellie beacon that's installed inside the divi inside the machine that you're playing too and it never pairs your phone to that device but is using the bluetooth signal as a beacon to connect with and so that's absolutely how does might be happening so interesting you know people forget that we might have location services turned off bud bluetooth as well as wifi and other locations level as a figure which is a is a way to identify where you are uh but a lot of people in response that suggested nearby while that of in nearby is the name of the beacon technology inside android so they're they're basically saying like i'm i'm thinking that it's probably nearby a which is what the emails alluding to as well which took me to this page that you see here and if you go into the turn nearby notifications honor off i feel like this potentially if this is what the app is doing from the question from last week if you go into the control nearby notifications by type victor which is the second one there you can see control lapse of you go into the google settings on your phone and then into nearby settings you can under that section tell your phone which apps on your phone can receive those beacons and which will ignore them and if this is actually what that app is doing and how it's making that you wanted to know how to disabled out so that doesn't do that anymore this would be your answer right here.

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