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Under the microscope some more because of the histrionic media bringing forward this off. Crisis when it's really an overdose crisis. There's it's an overdose crisis. People who take their prescribed medications waited supposed is one percent chance that they're going to be addicted temper said that they had problems with alcohol drugs before and most of the time these overdoses we hear about are either because of licit drug use or accidental overdoses from cocktails that are given by doctors in the first place where patients don't realize that taking many pills that are considered to be depressants will stop their breathing. This has happened many times where people who've for days have gone to bed taking an oxycodone something like charissa pro-dole Soma muscle relaxer and anada van which of course, is another type of depressive, and they ended up dying because they stop breathing in the middle of the night. Go to Sarah in Oregon. Hi, Sarah, young ground zero. Listen to this. I've been wondering have you discussed yet? The crime rate goes up when something becomes scarcer on the street. Yes. I haven't talked about it. But I was going to get to a. Yeah, it's true. I mean, we'll be seeing a lot of people will we having a higher crime rate with regard to heroin use illicit use selling a prescription medications, those types of things, and that, of course, will bring up the incarceration rate and the war on drugs will continue and it'll become a massive failure. Because prohibition never works. Exactly. I don't have to tell you. Now. We'll go ahead and tell me again because I think it's good that we have listeners that understand that. Yes. Well, if you if you can't get a hold of something, and you're addicted to it. You'll try anything to get it. And the more that more people. Engage something to hire the street value gets and the more crimes are committed around it. There's burglary to get it from users. There's the people who wait around pharmacies and hold up people who are coming out. And we know that happened because there was I remember a particular news story about it. And it was just indicative of a whole lot of other instances that this has happened and the mainstream media locked onto it. And then they went off to something else. If they always do, but it continues to happen people who people who are given prescribed by the drugs. They're targeted people into sell their stuff. So they can they can do other things with it. Because people don't take it. Sometimes. Yes, they do. So they take 'em. They sell the rest. That's why pain management contract often includes a pill count, and they wanna sign that you are taking it. So they look in your body. But they also count the pills to see if you have an amount less that matches up to the time since your last fill. Exactly, they don't want you to sell it. And those are just those against the petty crimes that are going to go up. We're gonna get we're getting at murders. I mean, think of all the things that happened around cocaine which was insanely expect in excuse me insanely expensive to get. It was a huge huge cocaine thing as I think is when it peak. And you know, it was a club drug, and it was insanely expensive of people got ahold of it and people go to it and people died at all levels of the crime hair hierarchy. Well, it's like I've been saying, you know, you when you talk about this opioid epidemic or they call an opioid crisis. It doesn't explain exactly what it is. It doesn't explain that. Yes. There elicit drugs to kill people there. There's heroin kills people. There's a flood of heroin killing people are spending all being laced in the heroin. Now, they're killing people, but people who are taking prescription medications are not the problem. And they haven't been the problem, and I'm figure that realize that they're not the problem. Then maybe there'd be a little bit more kinder and little bit more gentler with regards to directing people on how to behave while using these medications what not to take what not to combine them with and understand. There are things that if you do create the combination the the drug reaction may be fatal. Why don't understand? Okay. Back in August. I've developed a condition called us oriented arthritis, which isn't form of arthritis that is related to the skin condition of psoriasis both of the are auto immune disorders. And so I'm supposed to go on and on a medication that affects my auto immune system to make it stop me up, basically. But I was given a thirty day supply as in thirty pills. Of Kodo to to get me by until they put the they put the medicine in me, which is not an opiate is something completely different. And. No, no, no, no, no. It's called Humira. You probably heard a bit on the TV or you had some, you know, suppressant. Yes. Yes. It is. And they say well once you get this won't hurt you anymore. I mean, it won't hurt you as much and you won't you won't need you won't need a lot of painkillers you won't need it take I've appropriate or any of that stuff. You'll still you'll still feel pain, but it should stop the actual victims from happening, which is better than just masking the pain. And I said sure, okay. Let's go on it. Yes. Well. There have been there long story as to why. But I'm still not on it, actually, I just received my first male. So yeah. But it's been about four months, and I had that bottle of pills, and I still have about having some left. And they're like, oh, yeah. We'll we'll give her these thirty days appeal and she'll take him right away. And no, no didn't take him right away. Still got him. Liam sometimes what Humira does is basically a block of cytokine reaction is what it does. That's why your immune system is is actually they have to study you because what it does it blocks something called TANF, which is a cytokine. I had a feeling it was some sort of a cytokine reaction. And so I I did a little checking. Yeah. It's a site. Oh, kind blocker blocks TANF, which is a site of kind. You've recital storms where the body basically, overreacting certain paint certain stimulus. Yes. I'm aware of is an inflammation is what is it? It's state statistics show like that. I'll did show about cytokine reactions inflammation biggest problem with pain right now more so than I think a lot of people would benefit from reducing their inflammation nation. Yes. About that. The reason I said it was a long story back. Make it short the reason that I was unable to unable to manage to pay me other ways because I was in Nemec now I had been taking a lot of. States with nice Don steroidal anti inflammatory drug, which includes aspirin. Ibuprofen. Strongest stuff I've been taking it. To handle the pain, and I was anemic, and they think that I've been ripping up my stomach lining with whether I have remains to be seen. But they told me no more anti inflammatories. And so you can imagine how I've been going here know anti inflammatories. Very limited amount of opiates. They gave me Tylenol g rate for the liver. No, I I, you know, now that I have gone through what I've gone through I long for the days of in Vantaa inflammatories. Because I know a lot of what goes on with my Pena's anti-inflammatory, I need an anti anti-inflammatory. But I can't take them because I'm on some other drug that keeps me from taking them because of complications. I have from my cancer surgeries. So you run into a lot of exceptions to the rule. I just happened to have a lot of them. And you know, what they're gonna do. With exceptions to the rule is gonna drag their feet on investigating them to see if they fit into the new the new the new guidelines, and that's what I'm afraid of. Yes. Go ahead. Because when they. When when when exception start coming up, first of all, they figure people are just making this stuff up, and after they realized the real problem they have to do trials to figure out if it's significant enough of a problem to change the way they have decided to handle the opiates, right? And it's gonna take a long time. It's going to be a mess in. Meanwhile, people are going to be losing their losing their insurance because noncompliance it does happen. And and they're going to be other things are going to be what about the people without insurance? Yeah. Well, that's a whole different ballpark. Yeah. I know this is because of the history on media, in my opinion, this is because they do not separate the the elicit drug use in heroin use from those who are responsible people who take pain medication for pain, and they use it and they're dependent on it because they need it in order to get through their day. That's not addiction. It's dependent Sarah. Thank you for the call triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred SCO quickly too. Gary in Louisiana. Hi, Gary, you're on ground zero. Listen to your show all the time. I love what you have to say. Tonight on this is hitting home. I'm seventy years old. I was in a terrible car crash. I went from the backseat of a car and a head on collision and went out windshield on the concrete now that was thirty years ago. And then I I ahead. Sorry, five forty five years of heavy way. Too much heavy lifting manual labor type jobs, and I ended up my body is broken. And all you have to do is see me walk in a room. And I have had three cancer surgeries to my neck and head head to spinal cord surgeries because my wreck and a couple of other surgery just in the last three and a half years. And I'm I'm a legitimate paying patient. I go to a legitimate, by the way, I will say that I'm not gonna cut my doctor down because this guy is a miracle. Workers fours, I'm concerned. Right. He is he is prescribing me the correct amount of opioid painkillers, which I need if I do not have these I will die. It's that simple. And I cannot believe even personal friends of mine through the years that have walked away from me. Practically accusing me of just you know, you're just a drug addict. It's unbelievable in. I'm you know, I'm I'm. This is a moral. Not only is this a situation where they're developing a crisis of opioid saying the opioid crisis. They're also creating a moral crisis. Meaning that you see people who are using drugs. You see them is immoral. It's creating an other. It's creating another group that you can say, well, it's a moral failing..

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