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The results The number one story obviously was that Niner game but I would say probably. The second biggest story of the day was the fact that the dolphins went to New England and Brian Flores with his revenge over his mentor Bill ballot ballot check. Did anyone see this coming. Tom Brady didn't look grade. There's always the assumption that the Patriots in December January. We'll play their best football all and going into February. That hasn't been the case. I mean a golden opportunity crappy four win Dolphin team so tell you these division rivals they can. They can get you get you get you. Sometimes as I would say get you get you. And it wasn't last season's Miami Miracle Loss but Ryan Fitzpatrick a five yard touchdown pass to tight end. Mike Thank you sixty two thousand four seconds left and there was twenty seven twenty four over them and that was the only past that fits through for the only touchdown pass through for three twenty am brady said. We didn't play the way we were capable of playing and it ended up costing US just too many bad mistakes and Fitzpatrick said I know. Oh how difficult it is to beat them. I know how difficult it really is to beat them at home. I'm proud of what we did out there today now. If you think think about Brian Flores he started off and seven and this is the team who said take Laremy Tunsil. Take Mick Offense Patrick. We traded for Rosen. But now we don't want him Owen seven but then he went five and four down. The stretch probably wasn't going to get fired anyway but on seven you're going to hear rumors of so a real head scratcher. The Patriots started off eight and Oh and then they went four and four down the stretch. They were the number one ranked defense in the NFL yesterday and the dolphins racked up three hundred eighty nine yards so devin mccourty. The the safety said quote. Nobody feels sorry for the Patriots. Not Getting a first round bye in the playoffs. We gotTA move forward. We get ready Or are season will end next week. If we don't turn the page and play good football way better than today and by the way this is also the second straight season. The dolphins have denied a patriots and unbeaten divisional record. The Patriots have won eleven straight divisions eleven vince straight. AFC East titles and they've only gone six out twice seven and twelve but Miami made New England plant catch up they. They were ten to nothing more than they were. Twenty Seventeen Brady went for two twenty one two touchdowns interception. He went over four thousand yards for the eleventh time and tying him with Philip rivers and You know it just wasn't enough and the Patriots Patriots. You know nick folk gotta fill goal from him that Capita five play. Eighty two yard drive But you know there was just nothing to lose from Miami. Nothing and all Sunday by the way marked Brady's sixteen season starting sixteenth game that ties. peyton eight manning second all-time farve holds the record. He started all sixteen games in seventeen years so the dolphins are on the clock and and the Patriots will play the titans next weekend in New England. Let's go to Freddie Mr Raider Fan Mr Laker Fan Mr Dodger Fan and what you got homes. Well what what. Uh What an era twenty four years nineteen ninety five to twenty nine. Thank Oakland Raiders on their second tour of duty. One I guess kind of a weird ending but I guess it's proven s In a sense would have been nice to See Him I kicked one and then compete in the overtime. Finish it off. You know respectively. I I kinda got the sense that Gruden kind of just wanted to rush that and and say look we do it and since we're out of the playoffs I'm sure somebody said earlier. Hey in his ear that hey the titans won. We're out of it so whatever and I'm sure I I don't know I can't think of the man but kind of felt that green and kind of you know what if we win it cooler. Get outta here. Let's go and let's just under the desert or leaving a broken down. dotto probably outdated locker room. I've never been on three been there. Yeah and now. They're going to go to the desert whether they're going to be just spoils posh locker rooms. I hear they have like each have like a TV. Many the fridge and good for them because you know organization but as an Oakland Raider Fan Like yourself I was is an La Raider Fan. I didn't even know where Oakland California was Fifth Grade when I chose. I thought Oakland with an Oklahoma just down to saying yeah you were dumb I yeah I guess Um I was in Oklahoma. You're like in fourth great this great and you don't know that much about last week. No this is when I chose it and the team was the. La Raiders. Actually another from a an oakland and a fifth grader. I'm like Oakland and Mike. Where's that Oklahoma? And I'm sure somebody laugh. Then you know what a tough tough one I'M GONNA be a raider through and through it's GonNa be a kind of Reno route from afar Suffer a Lotta Open Raider fans that does blood sweat and just all the tailgaters man. They'RE NOT GONNA THEY'RE NOT GONNA get at one o'clock in Denver. It's just impossible. That hold US getting is gone. which is like up in say seventy seventy five percents of like a raider? Experience is when you go to a raider game is that they'll get experience being. I mean it looked like a scene out of like Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. But it's great. It's like Halloween Halloween every day. Women on so that nostalgia for the Raiders Oakland Raiders. That's a tough one swallow and and and you know growing. I went up as the main my main years as a Oakland Raider fan more than an elevator Yeah it's not then but Like I said before a super bowl in less than three years we got the money. We got the CAP space. We've got some draft picks and I this GonNa be going someplace. I don't think they're har is going to be there too much longer. I'm hoping we landed heisman. Trophy guy don't know much about him but Hopefully we landed GonNa make GonNa make decent decisions on third or fourth down Joe Borough. When he had seven touchdown passes in the first half against Oklahoma he cemented the fact that his next helmet will be kitty stripes in Cincinnati? Wow One of NFL NFL. Purgatory you go to Cleveland Miami. Cincinnati pretty much. Maybe if we continue this well Oakland like NFL. Purgatory never quit. Moss told me that's where careers go to Dis Oakland. Well that's that's a you know. I read a cool thing about this opening Raider Bob Brown runner nastiest guys in the NFL. I guess when he was lined up next art so this guy was was known for like I guess putting some into two guys kidneys and ribs and and in gene upshaw got the the Polo Club like you know class. Like thing from this Guy Bob Brown who I'd never heard of until this morning when I thought I saw a little history about him he was a I believe. La Ran in Chicago as best as he said was the Oakland Raider and like I'm just going to say say there's nothing finer to being Oakland Raider. Everybody growing up wants to be a raider. You got your big the big four you know. steelers cowboys raiders niners. But I mean who does not you know what even if they talked to Mike about at least where the topic of conversation. That's the raiders. I'll go hey you know what. That's fine man. Somebody's somebody's got to take that title but don't don't worry we've come back on top. Just please make sure to come back all right. Thanks for the call. There is always quiet over it is about..

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