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To happen the next six to eight months or so. I would say you need to sell experiences. I and products second is a supporting role if you were slotting stuff on wall and setting it out on the table in less. It's incredibly exclusive. You're not going to be nearly successful. And maybe just fail unless you learn how to weave in the experiential and that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a book experience. That just has its own flavor. That's something we focus on but Experiences i products and products second. And if you're not going to do that closure doors and just get to ship just start to compete direct to consumer now main street. Usa class-a office in high traffic areas. Obviously you're always going to get that that walk in but really connecting with people means that experiential is super important. And i would say even if it doesn't seem obvious even if you're selling an odd widget or you know you are doing accounting services. Think about that because humans are tuned to the theater of experience. And you can weave it into almost everything if you sit and meditate on that for a minute he can probably find a few examples in your life was like that was a singular experience and i did not expect that will make you famous in your customers eyes. And then the third thing is recognized the power of curated happy memories for business growth. This is an innate desire of humans. I may not remember the exact details of the vacation. I took with my family to cannon beach oregon last summer. But i do remember when the tide was really low. We got to walk out behind haystack. Rock the memories are going to change a little bit. But what i'm left with is an overall sense of kind of wellbeing nostalgia and it actively dispels zaidi now that was my vacation in cannon beach which is beautiful place and i encourage you to visit if you never have but businesses actually can curate those memories. And when you do that there's a powerful association with your brand and you become a retailer of choice so to disregard the experiential to only kind of take hand wavy approach at it is not wise it is wise to think about who your customers are as humans what they naturally want and we talk with big brands and we support. Many many startups are little brands. It's the same across the though. Yeah love it. Thank you for sharing that. Because that's exactly what what. I believe to be the reality you know and i always look at my book of business every week and i try to think of some creative strategies of you know there's only so much marketing that i can do you know from acquisition and conversion and retention and brand strategy and business operations these technical solutions. I can go down that rabbit hole of trying to assist in those sorts of things but soon as you start using these sorts of words about cure rating experience all of a sudden. Is that possible. I have a lot of. Cg companies in supplements in sports nutrition companies and Couple snack companies like subscription. It's so interesting. So i think there's opportunity especially in larger markets Where people can meet together. And i think that's one of the opportunities that to think about as in my role with my book of business is saying. Hey is there an opportunity here for an experiential type marketing around the brand more than just traditional marketing. Is i think that's a big differentiator than not. A lot of people are thinking about today and if they were there leading in their vertical. I think that's pretty exciting. So we are nearing the end of the show for today. But i would love to find out more about i. Guess the future for the product. I mean like as a sast company obviously have an mvp it launched in. I see there's a public road map and things keep iterating based on. I guess feedback feedback loops from your own customers. So just curious about your north star. I guess for the remainder of twenty one and in the future like liquid. Like is there any alignment for new partnerships and innovation. Just when understand where the product is headed in the next year or so. Yeah thanks for asking so you can see our request set feedback dot experiences. App dot com. It's a place that we have conversations about this kind of stuff with our customers. Some really near term stuff. That might be interesting is we're doing multi-day right now. It's you can create an experience that's recurring on dates. Custom schedules predictable schedules. But it's all one day within twenty four hours so we're releasing very very soon multi-day. The other thing we're doing and this is really reinforcement of our commitment to empower experiential. Commerce is the ability to ship products with a time booking and so attaching a certain time slot booking to a product. So if you can imagine a winery. That's doing virtual wine tastings. They can sell a box of wine along with the time booking as one of their variants. Or if i am a crafty workshop kind of thing and i have to choose my project ahead of time. So the supplies are ready for me. That's another thing that we're doing from ten thousand foot view. What we're looking at right now is making our api public. We are looking to do some interesting. Full-on custom build outs with larger retailers. Who are interested in really blowing the doors off to customize ability and we are going to be working on handpicking a few partnerships beyond the one. We already have the two we have. Obviously we shocked by end. Another one with zoom. So we've got our eye on a few different platform till's overall our place. We play is not big venue ticketing. We're not a one to one appointment booking salon tool. We are really about that brick and mortar merchant. Who is they have product. They have a service but they also recognize the value of experiential commerce. I selling and so are features. That are in the pipeline. Reflect that exciting. This is a very unique recording today. Because like i said. I typically dig pretty deep into particular tactic or two. But when you use the words like experiential. I've written a ton of notes here but experiential commerce enablement. I think is a really good theme. You really are here to differentiate and create for the local merchant an opportunity to resonate with your target audience current customers or not but then having the technology to create these memorable experiences which will have this residual effect of potential sales now and or into the future. I think that's pretty pretty amazing. So how can people learn more about your app and your website and some information besides finding our product page in the shop. If i'm at marketplace you can go to experiences app dot com and that's the best place to learn about us. You can email us at hello at experiences. App dot com. You're gonna get me in our team. We have a lot of conversations. Were working hard and were super eager to satisfy any use case that is relevant to what we're doing and what the merchant's doing so we love to have those conversations beautiful. I know we spoke off line today just before recording and understand that you would like to share offer for those are listening today. Yeah we want to give you a longer trial. Our pricing is really simple. You pay when you use it but we do have a fourteen day trial. Normally that allows you to pump as many bookings as you want through the ad in this case we're going to extend it.

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