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Oakville 20 minutes of nonstop news starts now coming up another near record number to report I'm Brian Calvert. With that, and the fear of vaccine won't end the pandemic anytime soon. It's seven o'clock. From ABC News. I'm Sherry pressed him plans about ready to go into overdrive to start sending the Corona virus vaccine two spots across the country. The Fizer vaccine could be granted emergency approval tomorrow, and retired Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski, head of distribution for Operation Warp, Speed, tells ABC vaccines will begin moving within 24 hours. Visor Kalamazoo. The trucks will roll right out of there to the nearest airports and will begin distributing the vaccines across the entire country to locations that the jurisdictions have requested. In Great Britain, where coronavirus shots started yesterday, there is a new warning about some allergic reactions. ABC is Tommy Honest. They put the vaccine to thousands of any chest workers. This is the National Health Service is basically the people that run the government health care they're in the UK are rolling out the vaccine. In two of those thousands. They had ordered an allergic reaction. But these people suffer from severe allergies. They carry a device like an EpiPen. So you know, these people have problems with allergies. They took the Epi 10 device, and they were fine. And they're now recovering. Talks Continue in Washington over another round of coronavirus stimulus. ABC is Mary Bruce is there. White House now has a new counter offer a $916 billion plan. It includes Democrats demands for more state and local aid and those liability protections for businesses. That's the big sticking point for Republicans. But here's the thing. The latest plan from Republican leader Mitch McConnell would scrap those provisions and Democrats this morning are rejecting. The latest offer from the White House, they say doesn't include enough unemployment insurance benefits, so talks continue, but no deal. Yet the Supreme Court quickly rejecting a Republican appeal to toss out votes and Pennsylvania order. Just one sentence denied it took the Supreme Court. Just 34 minutes to reach this decision flat out, rejecting a request that the route more than two million ballots in Pennsylvania, no reason given no distance from any of the justices on the bench, including those president Trump appointed BBC's Rachel Stop in Washington D C. You're listening to ABC News, Stay connected. Stay.

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