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Read and every now and again when you get bored in class i mean be great it's going on sports pages was this columnist san about subway series back in la i would bet you the yankees in that series against the mets i bet boy who's listening right now join yonkers whose update me on the up to the minute cavs warriors game to spread he's probably got a wealth of knowledge on this what the yankee met series price was freedom and one vegas i would say the yankees in two thousand were minus three fifty three twenty five that wasn't a great mets team ninety nine was much now but the yankees limped into the postseason at year they were terrible down the stretch in september pedo couldn't five beat seattle and six mets ran through the cardinals with mike hampton yama say the yankees right around three hundred three twenty some i don't think anybody really believes it in that year no i remember they don't wanna division landed it ended up beating san francisco the walk off homer bobby jones game four and the cardinals took care of the brace for the mets and they beat the cardinals thanks to mike hampton and rick and kill oh that was tough to watch that was one of the more painful moments of watching a baseball game in my life that rick ain't gill game two of the style has stopped to watch somebody will get me those ads i'm sure let's head to stanford our good buddy kevin what's up kevin kennon boy what's shakin not much that you know that that charge call was part of it but i don't care what you say jr smith you gotta know what's going on on the core tie you know obviously you anybody can see he thought they were leading and since since one is is the charge ball reviewable like i i never thought that was possible no i don't like the one bit and listen kevin we have seen this before where they will check to see if a player within restricted area because if he's in the restricted area dead sometimes you're going to reverse the call you want to get it right that's fine but when the players not in the restricted area to overturn a call like that i don't like it it.

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