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The issues there. Yeah yeah exactly. I mean i. I think the hair and this film is so interesting you because they're related like the two small kids. Have you know that kind of red cast to their hair. They look they look a lot alike. And it's meagan good who doesn't seem to fit in with them from the beginning you you kind of see that. She does look like her mom that she's like following in her footsteps from the beginning. She's the one who looks exactly like her mom and dad don't and yet you know i come from like a three person household it was me and my mom and my dad and honestly talking a lot about it like there was a lot of jockeying for my dad's attention who was his favourite and it's very strange to have the interpersonal kind of jealousy. That happens like who gets the most attention but you see how it plays here. The way that sam jackson almost uses himself as like a lamp turns himself towards a character. They light up in when he turns himself away from a character like turns away from his From the grandmother. When she's giving him electra at the table watch him to shut her down like his presence. His attention is like the greatest gift you can give to anybody and it's so wild. How in this film. It's like we all kind of subconsciously. Know it's happening like win win sissy coming. Her hair's all done the exactly like her mom's they're able to get mad at her because she's been breaking quarantine. I can't believe this movie had corentin in the middle of it to a completely forgot about that like what happens on. The kids are quarantined. Because the mom thinks that they're going to die by getting hit by a train By a bus car and they're stuck inside and so frustrated but that idea to that that there is this element in this movie about people can see. And what do they see what. And that's another part of like. What am i seeing versus. What is actually happening. And how you can. Maybe have something that you will actually meant. That idea like i dreamt it. I saw it. That's another just an idea that i love that. Yeah no exactly. But that they get mad at her under the guise. Like you left and didn't tell us where you were going when they're really mad at her because they all know that it's weird. She got her hair done to look like her mom like all in they won't nobody says like why you trying to look like me as you're competing with me for my husband your dad's like opinion and but they use a different guise of time. She's in trouble. Yeah i mean. And i think this idea of her wanting to be like her mom if it's like single white female it's weird if it's a child it's not and i think we can also bring this back to rebel without a cause. Remember that moment. Where natalie would kiss her. Dad is don't just mean like that right right. yeah you know. There's this idea of this is the man in your life who does take care of you and as you are growing and becoming any. I can't speak to this. Because i'm not a woman but i but i'm saying this idea like i get the i get the confusion. I get the jockeying attention. I there is a you know. There's a reason why there's mama's boys and daddy's girls you know there there is these are the first Figures of the opposite sex in our life that that love us and take care of us and that we looked to. And we're trying to figure it out you know it's like i've i've heard my son say i wanna marry my mom. I've heard my sons. I wanna marry his brother. Ira tomase sunday. I wanna marry me. It's like he doesn't understand the differences of anything. It's sort of like. I love these people. I want them to be around the gets their wrestling with these bigger issues. You know what is love and love is different and so many different ways you know. That's so interesting. Maybe i'm looking at this just then through my exact lens but i thought that scene in rebel without a cause. We're not only would kisses. Her dad was kind of bogus because it was like really get that. She's that childish about it. She's a little bit older. Think she's four years older. Maybe old enough. That's a little weird but also the dad's just not that cool you know. Well i mean really like who cares whereas like this debt is so charismatic. And i have a little you know. My dad was incredibly charismatic. To like my dad was kind of like the center of his social world. This data is the center of the social world of this town at like. You want that dude to pay attention to more like natalie. Woods that sucks. Why these i mean. Look like that's a. I think that you don't like you don't know you got into you. Get out into the real world too. I mean you know sometimes you back. This is the best hamburger i've ever eaten. And then all of a sudden you have like a great hamburger. Oh right it's like to me. I didn't realize how poor grew up until someone looked at a picture of my house. Like oh this looks like Like you grew up in a trailer park. Mike oh yeah i did like but in my in my mind i was like i didn't grow up in a trailer but it's a pretty dumpy area but in my mind it was different. Like you don't know it like it's easy to do it in hindsight so that guy could have been a piece of crap or not charismatic. But it's still her piece of crap You know until she sees other this little do she's got like cool dudes around she's you know. Yeah but i don't know. I don't know i mean look also. I thought that spoke of the dad feeling uncomfortable around his daughter. She's getting older. And maybe more sexual and he's like i don't i don't wanna go there i. I thought that was more indicative of the father less about her. Bring him in and him protecting himself. Now that's true and actually what we do know here. That's very different. Is that samuel jackson as a father is incredibly inappropriate like when he gets drunk. You starts trying to talk to her about how he had. Sex took my brother. Thank you drank a little bit. Babies drunker conceived much drunk everyday about the night. We may i got in. A fight was some knucklehead over at king's came to under the pool table now. Ross was sort things so she hadn't spoken to him in about a week woman finds out. I've been drinking and fighting. She's gonna leave anyway. It take me home. She sees me all messed up. She's been kissed me and kissing me and we thin and nine months later. I no matter how you slice it that is you. Don't do that right. no and i think you know. And that's what brings me to the other thing i wanna talk about. Which is this idea of who he is. We're often seeing him through the eyes of his child and we are literally seeing. The daughter watches interaction. But this is a moment where he is communicating with another adult. She is a bystander. In this it's not to her. I love the way. it's framed. Love the way she pops in but that scene is really interesting tells me a little bit about this guy which is he does push he pushes you know. Most people would probably back off and he goes forward. He gets himself shot in my opinion right. And that's something that like. The film really does a good job of showing you that he is not going. He's gonna do what he wants to do. He's not respectful. He is even when guilty going to position himself as innocent or doing nothing wrong. And he's stoking a fire when he says goodbye to that woman he's been having an affair with. He knows what he's doing that he's chee he's stoking that the man he and that's get some killed you know so i don't know what that would that says because it's like he also wrote this down uses. His memories is remembrance of he wrote it down. So do.

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