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Forty had minutes after the hour it's the final segment of the time anderson essential remember mike gallagher next up when then of course michael medved in seattle for three hours live show lars larson after him three hours live show of course live and local amy dembosky our favorite assembly member in she has property and we'll of her husband ben in they have of course they're residence in i guess they lived to gag peters creek that area i've never been to their house but aim his longtime friend and she has a great show four to six hundred jim bohannon yesterday jim bohannon celebrated his twentyfifth anniversary on air with that show he took over larry king who went to tv and it's a big deal jimbo hammond on for three hours he's on six tonight i used to say ten i think they switched to to the what is it the red uh red eye is the evening talk show that's on kvnt and it's all good stuff i like it i was talking and teasing in mentioning taunting ovalles megan kelly so megan kelly formerly of fox now on nbc she through an olympic fit they say fox news reporting that she learned that nbc invited former employee e former retired katie couric toco host the opening ceremony of the next months february winter olympics that's according to the new york post citing television insiders the post reported that kelly was furious following matt lowers shock jeff ben ness gratien nbc was calling its biggest star at of retirement rather than drafting kelly for the olympics and guess what i bet you that's because of polling and i betcha that they measure and have metrics and demographics for who was liked and who has not i can guarantee at this is not from the hip while lower was that thirty rockefeller plaza i've been up there to the nbc headquarters kelly had gracefully declined coverage roles for big occasion citing the clause inner contract that said she could not be forced to do special events such as the olympics in other words i don't want to do it led matt doer it well once lauer was gone the report is kelly assumed she'd be called the man now she's interest and they're like add that's okay we'll get katie couric kelly's nbc's highest paid star 23 million a year despite her relatively minor role hosting nbc's third hour of the today show known as.

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