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The country. Orlando international the flight board at last check. I saw cancelled flights to Chicago and Columbus, Ohio, a twenty nine year old, man. It was broke down on the side of the highway was hit by a passing semi f-. HP tells us the car was stopped on a dark stretch of one ninety two early this morning partially in the outside eastbound lane and partially on the shoulder. Twenty nine year old Matthew Greenberg was standing outside. Of his Toyota on the phone with his mother, telling her he'd broke down than a semi truck came along and wasn't able to see him to the last minute. Tried to swerve Lieutenant Kim Montas says he died on the scene and they're looking into whether the victims emergency flashers were on Katrina scales. News ninety six point five WDBO. The judge overseeing the civil lawsuit for Jennifer Kesse family says it would take more than sixty four months to read through the case. The judge has to decide of Kosice parents can inspect the Orlando. Police case file on their missing daughter. She's not sure yet how much paperwork she'll have to view to be able to make that decision Cassie vanishing from her metro west apartment thirteen years ago. Orlando police say the cases active, and allowing someone to view the records would set a precedent. The parents say, it's clear the cases cold and should be opened up for public view. Kevin refuses ninety six point five WDBO Nazila county man accused of trying to set three sex offenders on fire will be sentenced tomorrow, fifty one year old Jorges Porto Sierra found guilty last month of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon despite initially being charged with attempted first degree. They murder deputy say poured gasoline in a motel room and inside a car, but didn't actually ignite the fuel Puerto Sierras arrest last March made national headlines after he was quoted as saying he wanted to barbecue all the child molesters living at the friendly village in on US highway one ninety two near Qasimi. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO. The US company is working on not only preventing hearing loss, but bringing back lost hearing, Dr Chris Lewis at frequency therapeutic says, loud, noise and things like concerts are the main cause these can cause damage in can kill the hair cells in our ears would like our little antenna that allow us to hear believe they're called supercilious. He says that they've been building an approach using molecules to activate those hair cells. Yeah, I've lost some hearing from concerts. Yeah. And I'm still pretty young to one or three a news ninety six point five WDBO, the you have three ex wives and your current trophy wife wants a life insurance policy.

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