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Was accurate. Disgusting. I don't know topsy engineer talking about that you. Good for me. Ms. I'm a believer. He's just trying to get in your good graces. Andy to bail us out. Andy good morning. How are you in Reseda? Good morning. What's going down? Eweek? Coming in about a question that. Okay. Great. We're here. What's the question? Yeah. So I I consider myself a Jane, and there is a situation that I'm Taty who is my bosses, brother. He comes town once in a while. And I had that kind of relationship where now. Steering bar. Total Hoti like turn out of ten. I would consider maybe like a. Interesting. Like really our going out this way. Aren't intimidated. I'm because. I don't consider. His level of attraction. Go for it. Oh, he's. What are you afraid of? I'm. I hear that. Maybe like other women are. Right. Right. Okay. Well, listen, I know why you called and I appreciate that. So thank you first of all six.

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