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Business on Saint Louis is newsradio KMOX Kmart's news time is five twenty let's check in with meteorologist dean devore for the business traveler's forecast sponsored by element financial engines a big storm in the middle of the country heavy rain on one side and snow on the other team yeah the eastern flank is the rain side that's for today tonight and tomorrow and even into Friday morning some really heavy downpours all the way from the Gulf coast up through the Ohio valley parts of the northeast and then a win component picks up on that the western side the the snowy side is going to see some significant accumulations for our friends off to the north and west of us were looking at places like a north of Kansas city could see couple few inches and then north and west to Chicago up into Debbie's old stomping grounds in Wisconsin could see some heavy snows here for the kids the trick or treat we're just gonna have to deal with some awful cold during trick or treat time tomorrow evening today's cold with rain at times all the way through the day into the first part of tonight with a high here in Saint Louis only forty three degrees rain showers could end assume so showers nine expecting little or no accumulation of grassy services with the low down to thirty three then flurries tomorrow morning when the in cold through the day the high thirty nine real feel stay in the twenties all day it'll be in the mid twenties during trick or treating tomorrow evening and then down into the teens were real feels by daybreak Friday Brighton sunny not as cold in the afternoon high fifty two upper forties with Sunday clouds on Saturday low fifties with more sun than clouds on Sunday temperatures around Saint Louis here on this Wednesday morning are thirty eight degrees downtown at the arts in Edwardsville Saint Charles of thirty seven going up to forty three get the rain coat and a heavy jacket is temperatures stay in the upper thirties low forties all day I thank you with your old you see divorcing Lewis's newsradio KMOX the news continues at five twenty two the man in charge of assessments in Saint Louis county since two thousand eleven announces he's running for county executive cable exes Kevin Kaline report I've had the guts to do what needed to be done sailors county assessor Jack Zimmerman says his experience rooting out corruption.

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