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It's different every week because we have different panel every week but we always there's people we just love to bring back again and again. Brannagh was one of those director of rebellion pack former candidate for congress in massachusetts game developer And porsche restore pin in ballgame wizard. Go on and on. Hi bran good to see you. Thanks for having me to see you. I wish people could see the computer that you're on. It's one of those builds with lots. Led's and a clear embarrassing suck teenager and created my computer. i literally got like racer has thing. It will let you added additional addressable archie strips too. It just like more more. No i must have since until it's just like makes the whole office clo- at night that's how tacky i am. You're not in fact. The laporte has hold has a few of those days driving up. And i said what is that glow coming from my office. Then i realized that for some reason the alienware had gone into some sort of weird cycle mode and it looked like a a hot tub from the seventies. it was just it was was going and then michaels got a republic of gaming desktop that also has extensive led coverage. It's crazy. i is it is it is i. You know. I keep telling frank. I need an adult to come decorate my house at some point. They don't want home exploded. No i need something. I don't know well coming back from seen it. We haven't seen her in a while. I don't know why it's my fault. i'm sorry said chico. It's good to see you back. Thank you so much for having we won't be won't keep it so long in the future What are you covering these days at sea. Now you have a beat or is it everything Yeah i do have the beat some covering mobile devices. But i'll probably be contributing to a little bit of everything as i normally do. Mobile devices is my beat for now a little to talk about this week on mobile on the mobile device front. Yeah you in san francisco. I'm in new york actually york. Yeah all right. We got two east coasters. And then we're gonna go to the pacific northwest to welcome for the first time on this. Show thrilled to have him. Carl boaty who is kind of a legend. We'd your name comes up all the time. We're always quoting your articles in tech titan vice and other places and it's nice to see you carl. I really appreciate you having me here. I've been fan of yours since the screensavers days screening. Tv i used to manhattan. It law firm work and is is to. Oh that's cool. That's cool can yeah. We should probably mention. This is a for people who are in manhattan. This is a very powerful. All over the country. Really very powerful weekend Did you go to any of the memorials lisa The nine eleven memorial or anything like that not this weekend no i. I've been to in the past. But i go this weekend. Yeah it's hard you know. I was born in new york city. So i i don't know why but i feel like that's home in many ways even though i didn't live there very long And we was flew back on october. Twenty two thousand one to do a tv. Show back there again. Nobody would go so they were. I was the only guy that they could get for. Live with. Regis and kelly they said. Can you fly us at sure. But i wanted to go out there. Because i wanted to visit ground zero and see and this. I'll never forget the fire department there and all of the flyers on the fences and it was really dramatic since my wife and i have gone back to visit the memorial which is beautiful and then when the museum opened which is right next to the memorial At ground zero we went an eye sobbing. It was so moving That that museum. If you're in new york city got its kind of you have to go to ground. Zero visited Because it's a beautiful memorial and then the museum really really brings home so yeah being able to see the frames of the old buildings underneath their bad loan is pretty bad. The base there. I was there that day. And i remember very well. You're still working there. Yeah now. I i moved out of new york city about six months after that and i remember watching marching across the queensboro bridge with millions of just dumbfounded people in the network to it working. So you didn't know if your friends were live. And you're staring down at southern manhattan watching the giant plume raise and harassed lines. Yeah i'd get a little frustrated with the never forget rhetoric. Because you just don't worry for those of us who lived through it will not We'll talk with jeff on wednesday. Jeff jarvis who is on the path train coming in from new jersey When it hit. And so that station. I was on the train. I was on the seventy train. And i saw the first plume of smoke. Go in and when you climb up out of the subway into manhattan. There was just electric energy in the air. The terror of it was. He's still thinks he has health problems because he was covered with dust and there is no nowhere in the city. You could go where you didn't smell the burning plastic for weeks out in queens and the story was you could smell for real until the thing that most movie at that museum was the.

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