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Averaging career highs at right. At. Fourteen eleven and two blocks. Just last season whoa John how it, came together the marketplace was really devoid of salary cap space. For a team to give Capella an offer sheet he. Would have needed to take back to Houston match and so the deal that they agreed to today is largely the deal that. Houston was offering at the start of, free agency but for cappella twenty four years old he'll be able to get back into free agency again before he's thirty years old. And it's a risk for a player like him At a young. Age to sign a four million dollar, qualifying offer to become an restricted next year he could get injured a lot of things can happen so ninety million dollars for him And a chance, to get back into, free agency while he's soldier twenty fourteen first round pick a key piece of Houston's rise in the Western Conference shooting a league. Best sixty five percent. From the field Brian Windhorst on. Spain and fits that this contract Is a win for. The rockets I mean it's difficult to, predict how something's gonna go for five years we can have all these formation on the world without crystal ball we're, not gonna know how our five year contract looks We get a couple of years into it. But considering the circumstances now it's sixty million guaranteed per year which. Sounds like a lot of money but it was probably You think about a. Couple of years ago there were center, is getting sixty million dollars a year, who are nowhere near Markets so, getting Capella, at that number is a win for the. Rockets I, still think they're gonna they're going to be short defensively you know? Yesterday I talked to James harden about. This I, said what do you, think, is how do, you view, the off season and he was generally positive. About it they said we've got, to re-signed Clint and, we've got you know we're gonna have to play a lot better defensive teams is here, and I I agree with that but I will say that Daryl Morey is a guy who over the years has proven what his. Team looks like at the start of the season looks like at the end of the season is often very different different and so. I expect him to still be very aggressive, to try to get. Some more defenders at the USA basketball minicamp raptors guard Kyle. Lowry was repeatedly asked about damore Rosen straight to the Spurs the two are considered close. Friends on and off the court so you, would have figured he would have said something whether it was about as former Teammate or new one in Kuwait Leonard instead you got this USA basketball Tell us about what I came out here for To have a fun to be around Fellas That's Very. Appreciate This week And. That's all I'll be honest with Spoken Probably, yeah I think. So I don't No All of. Us You're not Johnson When it's time to Thank you Be there and go. To work I'll be ready to go. To work Right now, USCB this last fantastic it has. Been refreshing it's been a fun week So you're not happy USA.

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