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Dollars off your first seatgeek oughta so again, promo code chick. Let's check that out tickets yet Dallas CO this did happen a little up about a week ago. But we had the holiday so that push things off he called his two best players fucking hush. It was pretty lengthy quotes. Y'all sat give a fuck. I'll say whatever mind you is team was in a playoff spot the time. He said it and it just came off to nothing win in Nashville. So the timing of it was a little odd the next day, Jamie. Ben and Sega said, hey, I play for that we play for the guys in the room, actually, zagging, Jamie. Ben so play for the guys in the room. Actually, the GOP got involved. They come out they shit on the comments Jim lights made who's a CEO. They didn't they didn't take kindly toward Jim nill GM. He finally spoke up said, it wasn't crazy about the tone and the language, but otherwise he said his boss was quoted dead on as anybody what about the LASSO caused the I would say 'cause the big a ripple in the hockey landscape. Probably more in Dallas, given the Cowboys and the. Playoffs and everything going on down there. But boys have CEO call your fucking shit who've what would you I mean you ever got that when you play it? But I don't think the was. Oh, yeah. Or your Edmonton? She's even start with this first of all that was like NBA type drama, which I mean, I'd be lying. If I didn't love the fact that gave us something to talk about on the podcast every time something like that happens though. I salivate ES we get the of our opinion on it and people actually care. I guess I'll start with the players. I really liked the way second responded. I think that his comments were bang on. And he said message delivered took responsibility and accountability for maybe I wouldn't say it's been poor play. I would say that that based on how both of them are paid. They're going to be in the conversations like the Crosby and Malcolm's because they're being paid like them now. And when you get paid like that the National Hockey League level there has to be points where you literally point to the boys and say hop on. And that's just the reality of it. Like, I mean sitting Gino of done it and some people say oh look at their supporting cast. I'll say, hey fucking dick head. They won a Stanley Cup with Duma as their best defenseman when only Mata and Tang wrote so talk to me about supporting cast guys got the job fucking done. Now saying that second just signed that deal. He was on probably one of the most fair deals. Best deals in the NHL. But now of a sunny signed it so now pressures on that team is not made playoffs in. In quite sometimes based on the type of star power. They have they have respectable goaltending. They have that rookie defenseman from Finland than I don't know. How say his last name. I don't even wanna tempt it because all butcher it. But he just made the all star game. They have Klingberg. They have Reggie law. Ben and second. Yes. Do they have the best supporting cast? No. And there needs to be some work done there. But it's it's time for them to start making playoffs in making some stabs. At the last time, I can recall something like this magnitude happen happening was when in San Jose when when the GM Doug Wilson kinda went after the leadership group a little bit particularly Joe Thornton and Patrick Marlowe ended up ripping the Marlow and gave it to pavonis key. And that was uncomfortable times in San Jose. Joe Thornton was pretty candidy kind of went back at Doug Wilson. And when you're organising a situation where expectations are so high, and you can't even. Get over the first hump at some point. Something needs to be set in Doug Wilson said it he shook things up. Hey, Joe Thornton had had a very good to three year stretch there. They ended up making a little run..

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