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Comes ashore overnight in southwestern Louisiana and Eastern Texas top sustained winds or 150, MPH and the storm surge could top 20 FT in places pushing as Faras 40 miles inland. Day three. The Republican National Convention find speakers focused on the military and women Vice President Mike Pence's wife, Karen. Pence says actions taken 100 years ago are still being felt by women. Today the women's suffrage movement was the gateway. It led to women having the opportunities to achieve monumental milestones and accomplished significant achievements in both civic and governmental roles. Later this evening, vice president Pence will deliver the keynote speech. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden denounces the shooting of a 29 year old black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin. By police last Sunday when I saw that video makes me sick Once again. A black man, Jacob Blake has been shot by the police in broad daylight with the whole world watching that shooting and cellphone video touched off protests and deadly violence. Two people were killed a third wounded when a 17 year old Illinois teen reportedly opened fire on demonstrators last night had dummy who has Mork I'll. Riton house was at a protest following the shooting by police of a black man, Jacob Blake. Daniel Miskin is's police Jeep in Kenosha. The term Alicia is used. I've got no proof that it has any organization to it, and maybe just simply armed citizens. I don't know. There is video of a young white man opening fire in the middle of the street with a semiautomatic rifle. There were people running all over the place. Sheriff David Beth was asked about witnesses who said they yelled it police to arrest the person in the crowd with rifle. I can picture all kinds of reasons. I wasn't focusing on someone doing that Much of Rittenhouse is Facebook pages devoted to praising law enforcement. This is AP News. The Milwaukee Bucks led the way as N BA teams boycott today's playoff games in protest of last Sunday's police shooting in Kenosha, AP Basketball Writer Tim Reynolds players are very clearly Moved very passionately very deeply by what has happened in Wisconsin. And not just that. But what happened in Minneapolis and what happened in Louisville beforehand? This has been weighing on them for some time, coupled with the strain of being in the bubble. They're so many factors at play three W. N B A games were also postpone as we're Major league baseball games between the Cincinnati Reds and Brewers in Milwaukee and the Seattle Mariners and Padres in San Diego. Colorado outfielder Matt Camp who is black, announced that social media he would skip the Rockies game in Arizona in protest of the injustices. My people continue to suffer. Dexter Fowler and Jack Clarity of the Cardinals, who are also black, opted not to take part in the ST Louis game today against Kansas City. I'm to McGuire AP News. It is a gesture, but it is an enormous gesture. You play all season for the playoffs. This is the time here. The players love the most your playing for an MBA championships for them to make this statement. For them to say these causes to right these wrongs to demand change is more important than us playing basketball, even if it's just for one day. That is an enormous statement. The level of support in the N B seems almost unanimous. If not unanimous. The players are absolutely united They have been meeting for a couple of days. Some of these meetings were about 20 started about 24 hours early before the Bucks decided to make the news of their boycott. Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network. Hey, did you know that The Associated Press produces news related books? Here's what's new enough coming first pet presidential dogs, cats and other critters.

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