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Navarro back in January warning about almost predicting potentially devastating impact of the corona virus. When did you see them? And how does that square with what you've often said that nobody could predict because it sounds like he was predicted? I didn't see him but I heard he wrote a memo talking about pandemic. I didn't see him. I didn't look for them either. I asked him about it just a little while ago because I read something about a memo that used to why didn't look for it and see he said yes. I talked about the possibility of Pandera. Nobody said it's going to happen but you know there is a possibility. There always has been a possibility. I obviously was concerned about it because I closed down our country to China which was heavily infected. I then closed it down to Europe but I'm not going to go out and start screaming. This could happen. This could happen so again as President. I think president has to be a cheerleader for their country. Also of note today more staff shakeups in the West Wing. The president removed the Inspector General. Who would have led the committee overseeing the two trillion dollar corona virus package? The Acting Navy secretary resigned today days after relieving a respected Navy aircraft carrier captain of his duties. Yesterday Thomas Mode suggested Captain Brent Crozier had been stupid and naive when he voiced concern over the spread of the virus on the Teddy Roosevelt and for his crew and trump has yet another new press secretary. Though you'd be forgiven if you didn't know the departing press secretary. Most Americans could not identify her from a photo. Stephanie Grisham served as Press Secretary for nine months without ever giving a press briefing as for her replacement what we know so far is she is on message when it comes to trump's handling of the corona virus. The woman on the right in. This video is a now fired. Fox News Anchor. The woman on the left who you'll hear defending trump. She would be the new press secretary. This president will always put America first. He will always protect American citizens. We will not see diseases. Like the corona virus. Come here we will not see terrorism. Come here and isn't that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency. It President Obama the president's taking control making sure we're safe from the corona virus. And he's doing everything right. Since president has under control in America. We'll see that just like with every single international incident. He knows what he's doing. Good point to begin our leadoff discussion here on a Tuesday night. Was Philip. Rucker White House Bureau chief for The Washington Post also happens to be CO author with his post colleague. Carol leg of the best selling book a very stable Genius Shannon petty piece veteran journalists senior White House reporter for us at NBC News. Digital and Dr Are Mecha- dodger. He's an expert in emergency medicine. Infectious Diseases also a senior scholar with the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health. Good evening and welcome to you all Shannon. I'd like to begin with you. Should we be concerned that the president says he never saw the memo warning of a potential pandemic up to and including as of today sensitive been written about in the New York Times last night? Well this is what we know about this memo from Peter Navarro Navarro since around a lot of memos and at this point the feeling inside the West Wing prior to this so in January. When this memo was written was that this was just another. Peter Navarro memo. He comes up with a lot of ideas. That people in the West Wing characterizes harebrained ideas. He is often predicting tragedy. These are the words of people in the West Wing who we spoke to and this was sort of written off just another one of Peter. Navarro's you know concerns or some people would describe conspiracy theories and he wasn't really voice. That was being listened to in the West Wing. Well this is the one time he was Kinda right on target but I will say he was the only one in the administration who was sounding the alarm on this when they saw an entire city of millions of people in China locked down. You didn't necessarily have to be You know a public health expert to understand that maybe there was something going on there. I mean there have been reports by my colleagues others about reports coming out of the army reports coming out of the intelligence community that all predicted that this is something really serious That could be coming to the US. And we've asked the president about those before and he's continued to say that either he wasn't aware of them or as we heard today that he was aware of them. And that's why he will supposedly lockdown China even though of course it wasn't a lockdown because there were tens of thousands of people who traveled from Chinese to the US But you know but he's continued to sort of right off the potential for these early warning signs but I do think When we step back even further wants this is all over we will find a number of additional steps an addition to the ones we already know about where people within the administration were attempting to sound the alarm Back in January even as far back as late December worker. I believe we have a portion of today's briefing where the president went after the World Health Organization. It's all kind of enmeshed with China. It's all enmeshed with politics and we'll play a bit of that and talk about it on the other side World Health Very China centric as I say very very basically everything was very positive for China. Don't close your borders. They told me that I mean. They strongly recommended that telling me but they strongly recommended that we not close our borders. That would have been a disaster would have been a total disaster and literally. They called every shot wrong for years. We've funded them in and it's probably spending at least fifty eight million a year but it's much more than that because then we fund some of the work. They do which is good work. But we're going to look at it now so I was off by three hours Phil he first one after the. Who at the briefing? He then phoned into Hannity Tonight. Three hours later to go after the. Who again tell the Nice folks watching? What does it work here at work here? Brian is a president WHO's under siege. Because he didn't take. Coruna virus seriously enough at the outset and is now casting blame. We've seen the last couple of weeks him. Try to target specific governors For their failures in leadership according to him and then today we saw him introduced this idea that the World Health Organization was to blame because they were not tough enough on China at the outset did not declare pandemic or early enough. This is all according to the President Assessment and You know it fits a pattern in this presidency were. This president has so little regard or faith in international institutions. We've seen him go. After NATO. For example. We've seen him try to tear apart alliances and multilateral trade deals and here again we see him going after a another global institution of the World Health Organization. And I imagine it's going to continue because it's an easy way for him to to message to his base is political supporters to say. Don't fault me all these other guys. Hey Dr the president continues to push this. Malaria medicine couldn't have been more direct today. Said people should just take it. What do you say and can you fill our audience and on something? We're hearing more about. Its these antibody tests. Sure so when it comes to hydroxy chloroquine. Everybody's shouldn't just take it. If this is a drug that needs to be studied in a randomized controlled trial to know whether or not it works. Who WORKS ON? What the doses. What the side effect profile is. It's true that this is a drug that's approved and been given to lots of patients with lupus and there's a derivative that's used for malaria but we WANNA make sure that we're actually using it correctly and it does have in vitro activity and I've prescribed it to patients that are hospitalized with pneumonia from krona virus. But I'm not giving it to every patient and I'm doing it. According to a protocol and at the same time I really WANNA randomized controlled trial to help us. So I don't think it's the right thing to tell people to go out and get it and create an increased demand for something that isn't quite proven it should be given in a controlled. Setting antibody tests are really important tool that we will start to have come online many different places around the country. What that will do is tell us if someone has been exposed to this virus maybe they had mild illnesses. Maybe they didn't have any symptoms at all and that will help us understand where this has spread and some of those people will likely be immune from infection. Meaning that they can go about their lives. They can be the ones that are working and they can help. Bring the economy back to life. So it's really important that we get. Antibodies has out there because it is a way forward into the next phase of this pandemic response Shannon pretty piece. We mentioned the new faces in the West Wing. Starting with a new chief of staff and now a new press secretary very familiar with frequency N. N. viewers. She made her bones on that network during the last presidential election cycle defending all things trump related. And I love these moves. Even though we're in the middle of this incredible pandemic are related to the reelection campaign Bringing Mark Meadows. He is someone who is politically savvy who is season defending the president on. Tv was a move for the reelection. And now the new Press Secretary Kaley mckinney is very well known on Fox News and conservative. Tv She was a CNN contributor She's very skilled at defending the president on television and she knows the type of messaging that the campaign is working for and can be a real conduit between the White House and the campaign There's other people in the administration. Now who have been acting as a link between the White House in the campaign Jared Kushner talks regularly with Brad Part scale. The campaign manager Hope Hicks has been brought back into the White House. She of course was on the twenty sixteen campaign and is really familiar with how the campaign operates. Leo But but Kayleigh I think is really the most recently and obviously the most person who has been the most directly involved with the campaign. Who's now in the White House and can start Coordinating and building those bridges between the reelect. And what's happening the message coming out of the White House and the president so even a amid all of this there is still going to be an election in November and everyone in the White House is still aware of that and and while so much administration is obviously focused on responding to this. There's certainly still as always one I November and Phil Rucker. That newspaper you work for is reporting that these two elements. I just mentioned new chief of staff. New Press Secretary are related. Yeah they certainly are Brian because the you know Mark Meadows a minute the chief of staff looking to really jump start the campaign operation inside the West Wing this heading into the general election and he brought in Keighley mcenaney as the press secretary as Shannon with just pointing out. Our understanding are reporting today. Is that Kaley? Mckinney's main job is going to be the go. On television to defend the president not necessarily a dealing our to our day to day with reporters at Meadows has bolstered the press in other areas including.

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