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The year Eddie Sutton and five time division two coach of the year Barbara Stevens the John wooden awards are still to come the women's player of the year tonight the men's player of the year tomorrow baseball major league teams may now contact amateur prospects electronically E. and gather data and video on players as clubs trying to prepare for the twenty twenty draft and international signing period teams are still prohibited from holding tryouts and attending in person activities changes in the memo to that effect on Saturday relaxing the scouting shut down that had been in place since mid March and from football safe home to two former NFL stars hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell the other guy in the Cleveland Browns backfield in the fifties with Jim Brown then traded to the Redskins he became the first African American player Washington the last NFL team to integrate switching the flanker he led the league in receiving his first two years in Washington Bobbie Mitchell of four time Pro Bowl selection never missed a game in his eleven year career and who collected ninety one touchdowns as a runner receiver and kick returner which was fifth all time in NFL history when he retired in nineteen sixty nine was eighty four years old and Tom Dempsey who kicked a record sixty three yard field over the saints in nineteen seventy despite being born with half a right foot and no right hand his record stood for more than forty years Dempsey contracted the corona virus while at a senior living center in New Orleans he was seventy three years old that's not a sportsman Hey it's a till when we return on America in the morning Nordic drugmakers attack the virus after these messages.

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