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This web three metaverse that we are trampling headfirst towards. And NFT dot com is just by virtue of the domain. I mean, we've got near a 100,000 emails over 25,000 people in our Discord, without really even having tried that much. And forget the phenomenal team of founders who have built unicorns before and all the founding team that joined us from hedera and for me from reserve as well. But what makes us different from open sea and the other competitors is a couple of things, but besides from the things I just mentioned, this is going to be a community controlled ecosystem. So going are the days of, we don't have VCs. We didn't have like inside their investors. I mean, we played that game before in Silicon Valley. Honestly, Ben, it can be a really ugly game. And it helps certain people win, but it doesn't help the community when it doesn't help the people who use and who are the real value behind this win, right? These marketplaces reward the shareholders and the insiders, you know? And that's not what we wanted to create. So on that note as well, final point of differentiation I'll mention is that we are focused on this thing called genesis key. And we're going to be launching 10,000 genesis keys who will be the founding members of our community. Why? Why? Because we wanted these people to govern the way that the. Potential unicorn of the NFT world, because of the domain, the governance to be very community driven and very community centric. Not only.

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