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Morning joined Tony couple, Anthony Mason and Gayle King Weekday mornings on CBS this morning. Balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time. I just feel great. It gives me energy. It is just the right amount. I just feel so good. I love tiu balance of nature. Right now. Balance of nature is offering free shipping and 35% off on any new preferred order. Go to balance of nature dot com today and use discount code fruits. I surf the Web. There's lots to be wary of anchors predators. Thanks for your banking information. Thank you. For all your passwords. They must be using my vanish utilizes military grade encryption and works worldwide using of AR 1500 servers and 70 location for a limited time. Secure on meter devices on one account and save 73% off on annual subscription goto vanish dot com slash privacy vanished dot com slash privacy. New surface has been created to deliver pandemic puppies right to your door. Newly homebound have been clamoring for puppies. Extra appealing for parents and kids working and learning remotely. Colorado reader. Catherine had field perfect timing to be home and train a puppy to hit a couple of clients up in Canada, Canada shut the border. I couldn't get puppies to them with checked pet. Still embargoed by airlines Enter the flight nanny flight Nanny is a person that flies with your dog in cabin. Delivers the puppy to you. They're a busy bunch these days. Debra Rodriguez. CBS NEWS, a new study says hundreds and thousands of couples are beginning to pay back loan for weddings and haven't even taken place because of the pandemic. The online lending platform loan Ray reports, 225,000 couples are collectively paying back $3.7 billion in loans they took out to finance a celebration. That's an average of 16,500 Prepare Lisa Matteo CBS News Backto work that Joop the one you realized isn't for you..

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