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Don't know. Oh, you vote. I don't. Vote. The show arrived when TV had very little interest in working class ordinary women and yet it became the most popular series on the air for several seasons. I just doing it to save myself. Bad or something? But I know I could do I would very brave and killers and tomboy. Are you? They all report it to my mother's. He's on the fire escape. Yeah. Hanging on the roof. I was fearless that fearlessness. No doubt extended to her directing in the late eighties. She directed television series here and there, but then she moved to directing feature films, and that was pretty rare for women back then her first feature with the nineteen Eighty-six Whoopi Goldberg comedy jumping Jack flash. And she got the job when the original director was fired in the middle of production. I have a good telephone book. So I called and Carol Kane. John Lovett, Phil. Hi laurin. I need John fell. Marie who's Cindy's? So they could improvise. So at my brother, my daughter, you Jim Belushi I have. Okay. Let's bring this asteroid game. No, I so some people were cast, but I had a phone book that I cast in my other people. Embroiled in people who the television. And. Matlin I was hired on Friday and chop Monday. I didn't know what pre productive cutting class. So they know anytime jumping Jack flash was not a hit her second movie was and landed penny Marshall in the record books. Big star. Tom Hanks is a boy named Josh whose magically put in the body of a man after a wish comes true. I.

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