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All right, fine. All right, so go, sorry, I spoiled yours, go ahead. It's okay. My favorite pick is you really didn't think you would like taekwondo. I really don't think you'd like them. I still need to see on the field that he's going to translate to the Patriots offense, right? That's my biggest concern with taekwon Thornton is the limited route tree, the lack of ability at the top of the route. That is where I'm concerned of, okay, where is he fit? How did they turn him into more than Nelson Aguilar was last year? Or Philip Dorsett was or demure bird was, right? They need to get more out of him than those players were in this patriots offense. How did they get him there? Is going to be a big question. But I think that the other thing that I look at with taekwondo and first of all, the release at the line of scrimmage gets me gets me giddy about him because the Patriots have not had somebody that explosive and that's had that ability to move laterally off of press coverage. Maybe ever. That I've seen, at least covering the team. Right. And they don't really have guys on their roster that can cross over guys at the line of scrimmage, get up the field and blow past people. Like that skill set doesn't really exist too much with the Patriots. So I like the main reason beyond his tape and beyond his evaluation. The main reason why I like taekwon thorin and I love the pick so much is they took a swing and wide receiver in the top 50. They took a chance on a guy that has some upside. They finally did it. Like I think that the last couple of drafts because they took him to kill Harry in the first round. They stayed away from wide receiver as all this wide receiver talent entered the league. All these guys come in in 2020 and 2021. Their stars, their solid role players, their starters, even a guy that's not Jamar chase like a Deontay Johnson in Pittsburgh, right? It would have been a great fit here. You know, these guys are all coming in. And the Patriots finally took a swing on one of these guys that's coming in. It's not the guy I necessarily would have taken..

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