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It's not quite as big a penalty in college football as it is in the NFL would go out to 40 to the 14th NFL's, but it is the 35 in college football, just giving 35 the opponent 10 yards. We talked a little bit about it last week. The bear Cats practices a lot to try to kick it into the corner, which makes it tougher for the defender to return. The ball really gives you not a lot of options. You have to take it almost straight up the field. You don't want to come all the way back across the field, but If you mentioned and that's three times in two games, that's way too many times the ball's been kicked out of bounds. Murray State has had the ball three times interception on the first possession touchdown on the second interception on the third. J. Von Hicks and Ahmad Sauce Gardner with picks For you See? 1st and 10 Murray State Rice rolls left now looks to run back toward the middle of the field, and Jody Blanco leaps at him and sacks him at the 32 yard line. A loss of three They were all over him that time and I noticed back in the game. Is our good buddy Jacob Vance, and he allowed his guy. Uh, you look van moving van all the way to come around and band was there as well. So nice job by the defense. That makes it second down and 13. Cincinnati had a couple of sacks in the season opening win over Miami. Bear cats, bringing down the quarterback Rice for three yard loss. There. He looks to throw on 2nd and 13. His past intercepted, picked off by Bush and Bush steps out of bounds at the 40 yard line with Cincinnati's third interception in the first half outstanding, and that was Not necessarily caused by the rush. Maybe a bad decision. By Preston Rice, but at the same time, very, very athletic interception. By our Kwan Bush nicely done and we will watch him slam dunk. As he comes to the sideline as the ritual. Yes, There we go. Cincinnati's turnover celebration got the little basket behind the bench that somebody holds up to the person that came away with the takeaway to dunk the football through. 1st and 10 cats at the Murray State 42nd straight drive that starts.

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