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You know she's An I guess you just think we we're much better at letting them find the wrong thing. Yeah. Definitely rather than putting them under pressure to be a lawyer over doctoral any of those sorts of perceived perfect they will jobs, e-eh careers and I think that. You know when we were looking at schools for actually it was finding an environment that we felt that she was going to be really happy in and she you know she could flourish in and I think. I think you know it's encouraging. I think as well. What she ends up being passionate about will be the thing that she's really good at. Yeah. So as the happy I'm hoping she will find her passion. Yeah, I think that's my big from my kids too I. Think the one thing we think that way every day doesn't feel like work in the same way. Does it feel connected to your to job in that way and I'm sure with uteri? Is probably a pit. MARCI's that yeah children's musical. Some of them but not I don't know if it's going to be saying there's musical instruments everywhere. Yeah and the piano and guitars and the other stuff everywhere. But I, actually have a feeling that be something may maybe maybe a couple if that I mean they definitely my oldest one's eldest two. Very different passions at actually they love me. Well, the oldest loves music, but I don't know if that's the thing calendar doing. I think it was almost too obvious unite. It's so like my husband both musicians. As a music everywhere in the house. I think it's like it's a bit but need to find something else. They find something they love. Yes. Be Happy, right? Oh. Yes. ME. Although I think if they one of these people that paint themselves silver and stands in Piccadilly Circus with that. Yeah. There's some things I'm not. Daily another. Or? By somebody some, what's J. Lo at the super bowl during her paw Incredible but then I guess she's not just doing that. There's no tear than Any other thing I want to ask you this city thing really because I've had it sometimes where my working from my family life of clashed in a way that isn't maybe idea like when I when kids have come to festivals and ended up such wondering on stage halfway through my gig and things like that. Have you did wonder if you'd ever survey pinned your work back and found like toys next door like of potential new range of sex toys for the shop or something like that. Not to be that much for. I have open line up. To a meeting to find scholar whose. schooled. Funny face or something called on the. I don't think there's been anything. If she doesn't really..

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