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Of politics. Mayor Kenny and Police Commissioner Outlaw have both apologized for the use of tear gas and pepper spray during the unrest in the city. Officer Micheletti says he was just following orders. Police Union President John MK. Nesby says Krasner is anti cop, and he's only interested in prosecuting police, not the unlawful people who looted and set fires in the city. The union vows to support the officer. Nicoletti was released after posting bail. Mike Doherty, K Y. W NewsRadio and full of suburban school district's lay out their preliminary plans for reopening in the fall. That's next out the traffic and weather on the two sponsored by Window Nation by to get two free sale window nation dot com. Thanks a lot, Steve. It's jam traffic on the Roosevelt Boulevard North bound from which the second avenue to just pass Broad Street. There is an accident that is blocking the right lane 76 Google Expressway. It's jam westbound there Avenue to 30th Street roadwork in the left lane than all France to Montgomery Drive is blocked The bottom of the ramp. Storm damaged down tree also took down the traffic light. He's bound 76 just slow from 4 76 to the approach of Belmont Avenue. That's just due to the rain. Now in Lower Moreland. We do have the closure of the intersection of Buck Road and by Barry rode that is due to down wires from earlier storms. 4 76 The Bluebird in good shape on the Northeast extension. Watch out for a minor delay. South bound south of Quaker towns near Mile Marker 41 accident in the right lane. Oh gave her delay in the north bound side. East West Turnpike and find shape same with 4 22 and the Route 30. Bypass. 95 at the moment. Nice ride both north and south between Bucks County and the Delaware line in New Jersey. Severe storms down near violent and Morris River slowing down traffic on Route 55. Also watch out for some roadwork tonight on Route 55 anywhere between exits 24 48 in the right lane. And no major delays on to 95 42 Freeway or the New Jersey Turnpike Mass Transit. The West Trenton Lines suspended service between Yardley and West trend that is due to down trees. I'm Justin Drop back and to keep it up with you. 24 hour Traffic center..

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