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Trump at camp david clinton investigation i'm tim mcguire than ap newsmen of president trump maitre gop leaders at camp david this weekend before heading out he talked about the economy the market is good for very good and we think they're going to get really good over the next couple of us one hundred forty eight thousand jobs were added in december trump didn't answer any the shouted questions about a book blasting his administration author michael wolff tells nbc today staffers didn't say anything positive about trump they say he's i'm a moron in idiot the fbi is investigating whether the clinton foundation accepted donations in exchange for political favors well hillary clinton was secretary of state president trump and congressional republicans had been urging the justice department to look into allegations of corruption massachusetts emergency officials say more than one million gallons of untreated sewage spilled and then tuck tucker harbor after a catastrophic sewer remained break during yesterday's massive storm i'm tim mcguire the change in policy by the federal government towards states with legal recreational marijuana led by attorney general jeff sessions is caused a lot of confusion but in california harbourside spencer is the ills deangelis says he doesn't see federal attorney's going after the marijuana industry i don't think very many us attorney's they're going to take him up on the offer i think that most us attorneys who reside in legal canada states have seen that for cannabis reform laws have actually been a benefits public safety not attached remain part of visually became legal in california january 1st deangelis does this more as he's concerned it's business as usual we're not going to to make any changes in the way that we do business as a result of of this of this announcement we already are one hundred percent comply with all of our law was in all of.

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