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Tell kids here sitting in for my friend Chris Lambton Chris Plante show it's a short week if you didn't have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day so enjoying today's like a Monday in tomorrow's a Friday so can go Bango bongo you've got a very short week ahead of you and I I hope it's a great week I hope you had a great Christmas or you're in the middle of a great Hanukkah and you and yours are celebrating together the wonderful thing I we are talking about news of the day as well as the news of the year because there are many things that happened this year that are worth a re hashing especially things that the media got wrong or the media completely destroyed the truth on covering and I do this because I believe the truth has no agenda I'm a firm believer in the truth whatever it is is going to ultimately make it right so in the case of our our friends in the mainstream media those on the left I so appreciate being able to point out to them some of the things that they did that and said that was wrong last year some of the ridiculous things they said and they did something dumb pretty much every month for example if you look at January of last year January of last year one of the the biggest screw up stories of January was the Covington Catholic kids the kids that have gone to a parole life rally in Washington DC a bunch of teenagers and they that I think that's admirable first of all that these kids from coming to Catholic school would be out there in public attending a pro life rally kind of cool because you know you don't get props for being a pro life high school these days especially if you're you're out in the left coast but these kids were from Covington Kentucky the district represented by Thomas Massie one of the one of the better congressman I believe he's a little out there right now he lives off the grid at home his his home as a science project you should see and he posted all online all the time but mass is a small government let's get spending under control guy and he's met with the kids from Covington Catholic before this incident so I I talked to him about those kids and when the media started slamming the kids I talked to him that Sunday evening has it happened I believe on a Saturday some of the videos went viral showing the one kid next Sandeman being glared at and glaring back and smiling the native American guy who doesn't deserve to have his name mentioned on the radio and the media went all in on this why because the kids were wearing the kryptonite to the mainstream media the red hat how dare they wear the red make America great hat in Washington DC where the president happens to live and work most of the time how dare you children how dare you not follow the example we've given you so these kids were demonized they were threatened by many there were people who called for physical violence against them there were CNN former CNN employees who wanted to punch Nick salmon in the face there were kids that wanted there were there were crazy liberals online who wanted the home addresses of these kids posted online the school had to have protection for the first day the kids were returning it was unbelievable and it was all done all of that happen because the mainstream media did not take a breath and do journalism they didn't actually look into the store they didn't watch the entire video as I did and if you follow my tweets you can go back in time and I believe I said keep your powder dry people find the whole story watch the entire video because it was a video that was sparked by a hate group who was on the mall at the same time yelling some pretty hateful racist stuff and then this native American guy who thought he was going to make a scene and they did but what the mainstream media did was worse and that's why so many of them are facing lawsuits from the Covington Catholic kids I'm not sure where all of those cases reside right now the disposition of them will happen soon I think one or two of them are actually going to trial but these are big cases about the abuse of the power of the media and how these kids lives were almost destroyed both physically and in the future because when you think about it now that these kids are getting ready to get out of high school go to college they face a situation where all of their stuff is in the media all of their all of their appearance is in the media and they might be looked upon by Harvard or Yale or any of those liberal institutions as undesirables so me just give you a brief montage and then we'll get back into some of today this is January in the mainstream media and how they blew it on the Covington Catholic kids.

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