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Hamilton ryan -gree graves sorry who they just got from. Colorado yona siegenthaler. Who if you didn't watch much new jersey hockey. You don't know who that is but pretty good top six guy for for new jersey. Ty smith who all new jersey devils fans love thai smith. He was huge for them. This past year. He's only twenty one so and then damon severson in 'em. Pk sue band. Who's on that absolutely terrible. Contract of nine billion dollars just one more season to that and yeah. That's their top six. I mean that's a much improved top sex especially with the addition of dougie hamilton. So we'll see how that goes for new jersey and all that stuff probably the next big fish on the market was none other than zach. Hyman i. I don't think anybody even thought that that was going to go anywhere other than somewhere in canada but he goes from toronto to edmonton signs. The seven year deal thirty eight and a half million dollars in five point five million dollars per. What do you think of that contract. Christian. it's not bad. I mean it's long you wouldn't like it to be that long. I don't think for a guy that's twenty nine but you'll take it you on zakheim hyman so it's probably worth five. Point five isn't bad. I don't think i still think that's a little high for someone who mostly played on the second and third line in toronto. And i mean and his most effective place if you watch toronto honky was on the third line. And that's a lot to give somebody who's gonna play on third line five point five million dollars now if he's gonna play with In the top six. Which at that money. I would expect. He would then. It's probably fine. But again i don't know how much money he's really worth if he's going to be worth that much money if he's going to score twenty goals i really don't so is also getting a lot of assist. He gets a lot of points to is the big thing. So he's not. He's not just a goal scorer. So i think that that's like forty points a season but looks like he was pretty much averaging so i don't know i think being on the second line to give more of a role i think that are jammed for him to step up. I like it. I think. I think five one five is is high but everything is high this year. So yeah i mean he had. I mean this is just the last. The last three seasons case so twenty eighteen twenty one goals twenty s twenty nineteen twenty one goals sixteen assists and then this past season again in a shortened season. Fifteen goals in eighteen says and he only played forty three games this past season as injury. So i mean that's definitely twenty go pace and probably upper twenty goal pace..

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