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With just your own humanity if you're one of the people who is being targeted or whose body is being controlled certain way absolutely and that's what I said to. The person I was speaking to was what happens. When they overturn Roe. V Wade am am. Am I going to have to choose between going to like lie in the street versus a job? And he's like yeah. I guess we're all GonNa have to make those choices but what I realized was like No. You're never going to have to make that choice man. You're never gonNA have to make that choice. You're never going to have to make that choice if your ideas. Your identity experiences fit neatly into the mainstream idea of what's acceptable which is all about who has power whose stories get told and believed which is all about race and gender and class and ability. Ramona and I came across a really useful framework for talking about that range of acceptable debate. It's called Helen's spheres of consensus. I Love Helen's fears. This is David Mendez again. The journalists and professor from Temple so Daniel Helen who wrote a book called the uncensored war which is about the Vietnam War looked at objective journalism through Painting three concentric spheres so picture an inner circle a middle circle and a big outer circle. The innermost sphere. It was called the the sphere of consensus. And it's the it's the area that we all agree on so From the American perspective. We all agree. That Apple Pie is a good thing and baseball is a good thing. Well I don't know if we all agree..

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