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It and the restaurant is more about volume and off ball activity than the fact that he's associated again. We've seen the lakers win with so-so shooting guards before it systems those guys didn't shoot all the time and they did other stuff like cut and make extra passes russia's going to pressure the rim. He's gonna play mexican and do all that he's just he just needs to stop shooting so much because all of those shots should be going to other people on this team and he did lead the league in assists last year. So it's not that he can't find a guy who's open. But i think the crux of the issues. You mentioned earlier was at his best. He has the ball. Lebron james at his best is the ball. And when lebron has the is one of the best ever do it and then so if one of the guys that doesn't have it and we already know what russ's does without the ball which is a whole lot of nothing. What does that make lebron without the ball. Is it going to be more threes. Cause i don't think too. Many people out there are want. Lebron were threes to take. Is it going to be him. Play on the bach okay. He's very capable down there then. You can't have a down there so now a floating out to the and russell wants to be down there to sometimes in rock the baby you know. Russia baby post ups are like point nine points per possession. He's going to rock the baby on the ones that work. We need this to be video podcast. I really enjoyed that animated description of russ very good rocking the baby. The baby i don't even know where the hell we were anymore handle. Here's one visit doing since we're going. Non-sequitur here's sequitur. Kept as more is one of those guys that has gotten under lebron skin for years he's in the marriott zonja category he's in the I not that many be someone. Relatively anonymous has a player not like a star or anything like that does the jae crowder salsa dancing count. Yeah so even the jake jake trotters were were of. He's in that camp for years. I would like look to like alec clifton. It's lebron for alive in cleveland and so we were just some of these games together at. We've looked at each other like what's going out with. But it could be like the the kobe matt barnes type of thing right. The guy went so hard at me for so many years. And yeah that's a guy. I'll take a guy. I'll take my group i. We'll see and i can't older than i thought i think can be like thirty two to your point. What the the the miami compares in something that that people have tried to make because wade was a quote unquote non shooter and lebron was sort of. I mean remember the spurs like it brought out the red carpet for lebron shoot long twos in the finals. He was still developing. As a shooter differences. They were in their absolute crimes as athletes. They were also really good cutters. Both a wade has always been good cutter. Lebron became one russ has an ability. He just doesn't he just doesn't do it like he he he has that i q inability to do it and weighed was also an elite. Mid range shooter elite rushes. A bad mid range shooter has become a bad to below average. Mid range shooter And so i just don't. I just don't see the comparison in terms of the interior passing in the kind of improvisational plays. They're gonna make once punctures the paint or lebron punctures the pain. What's gonna happen all the time. But i don't buy the overall comparison. And i think the the fit offensively is gonna be a little clunky that they were both dobermans on the perimeter back then wade and lebron. We're talking. I mean it's been over a decade says. The heels played together. If i play together so long time ago. And they were sold just thoroughbreds out there and they could double a. Guy trap them polka ball away and then the two on one all day they can could either lob to lebron and russ remain two of the most impressive athletes. Today's nba but they aren't where they were a decade ago and by the way and bash people think. Anthony davis a good jump shooter. And he's he's okay and on the right nights yet. He faces up. He makes two or three out of four. You know he's obviously. He made a bunch of massive jump shots in their championship. Run including maybe the biggest shot of the entire run itself against denver the buzzer he just particularly last season. He was not a good jump shooter in the three pointer his never happen. The long to has been. I don't wanna say unreliable but not as reliable as i thought it would be to this point. Given how nicest stroke looks and how and how is released. Point is hard to challenge. It just hasn't gotten there. Bosch became boss. Walked into miami is a really good long to launch shooter and walked out is a three point shooter. This eighty four. Maybe the first six weeks of last season is three was fallen and it was like okay. The these or spiders game at that quickly fell apart last year was just. It was all sorts rog for for him he was probably the last guy on the roster who would continually bring up that they had a short nas season and it was like okay. We get it but at some point. It's gotta be mind over matter. He already gotten paid the already gotten his ring. He is someone who.

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