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Know, put together some good years. I wish how to put together. Morano flee. Our I felt like I should have, And that's where you're always disappointed In some way. You always feel like you should have been able to do more in your whole career. You know who's thie? You had a lot of great players there. Ah, it's too bad when you left. I think Joe Torry became the manager after that never gotten a world Siri's, which obviously, is ah, for any player to not win a championship is disappointing, but you play with a lot of great players. Who were some of the great players that you played with with the Yankees. Well, number of great players. I think the guys that I came up with this he always remember. As being your mentors of the young player. You came out with Lupin, Ella and Bobby Mercer. Pierce cottages on that team. Great Nettles. Really, Randolph. Ron did re, uh Oscar gamble, guys that I mean, just so many guys that you feel like Help you. You know, moving down the road. Dave Winfield was there were just so many so many great players. And but I think probably for me. I've always said the best where I think I ever played with was Ricky Henderson. Ricky absolutely changed the game. He was able to do so many things to get on base. We still a couple bases. He changed. He just changed your team. And he probably was most dynamic player I ever played with. You know what Nowadays I don't know that they'll ever be 100 bass dealer anymore because that's just not the way the game's played. What How much of the of of losing that part of the game really hurts in in the change of the game in the excitement of the game? Yeah, I think it's something that people do like. And I think it's somebody I know the league is certain measures are putting in the minor league. They're trying to bring things back. And you know, sport's evolved Howard. I mean, what's football? The rules change. You watch basketball. The rules change. They're going to keep Changing rules to make the sport more entertaining for fans. In and we have traditionalists right that they're going to fight that, But over time, I think you know the game will continue to evolve. But I think this deal should be part of it. You know you guys can run that. It's part of the game. The part of the analytics. Part of that is that you know, they don't believe in the chances of given up and out there is worth The day I get back to analyzing why you run and your times for rent. So the and you mentioned it earlier. The eye test. You remember Dallas screen? Obviously, Dallas green and polo and sewer. Part of this team in Dallas would always tell me You know back then use statistics. But not the way they use him today the eye test on and talking to a guy find out whether he's got hard. The eye test is so important. In the game. Ah Ah! Do you use the eye test are not now Obviously you're not out there scouting players. But how much of the eye test do you use when you look at a player? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think you see the way I handled himself. That tells you something about ing the way he plays the way he prepares. Those are all important trait that Hartness fairly wrapped up in those numbers. They make college girls numbers, but that's the thing you're always looking at. There's a guy walk around the clubhouse or when he's on the field of the show. Confidence is going to drop dead if he makes a mistake. If you make it out how you bounce back if he gives up some runs, how's he bounced back? No, Those are all important factors because that tells you what this guy's made of And that's the one area that I think will always be the argument. You're never going to be able to measure that with a number or you're gonna have to see that you feel that And that's the one thing I don't think you ever want to get away from. Good morning, Competitive world, right, You guys which competitors and you want the guy that's willing to compete. And and maybe he don't have the most talent, but he's gonna you know. But when you have him on the field You're going to get every inch And those are important factors for a group of men when you get out there. That you have a team that plays like that. You know, don it is. Ah, it's an honor. I mean, we've talked many times, but it's an honor to have you on the air. It's just Obviously, somebody that really understands the game knows the game played the great the game in a great level. Impressive, impressive numbers over your career. It's too bad that you couldn't play longer. But I really appreciate your time and you play in a city that's AH, that's not as safe as others right now. And staying safe is obviously very important. And I just I just hope you stay safe. Good luck this season and I just staying safe in Miami. It's not. It's not easy. I guess. Nowadays those players really have to be careful. Don't Wait. Do Howard. It's always good to be on and talk with you. You're right out here in the world today. It's a different place. We got a state safe and take care of each other. So I think it's important that we all kind of follow the The rules that are the guidelines. I should say not. The rules of the guidelines that's been set out must get past this thing. And get back to a little more normalcy Homeplace contains in the ballpark and can't see you. Pleasure to be on. Yeah, don. It's it's my pleasure really is my pleasure. And thanks and it's good catching up with you and I'll stay in touch and good luck this season again. Thanks again. Just Ah, terrific guy. And I wish you all the success Thanks so much done. Hard how it takes a lot to talk about Tokyo. Thank you. Don Mattingly, the manager than Miami, where you look, all you have to do is look at his numbers. It blows you away and the few strikeouts that they had it just a game. You see how much different thegame is? It's amazing. I will get back to your calls. Ah and ah Your thoughts on what Don Mattingly said the eye test. Remember that for all you analytics geeks? The eye test really is important to.

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