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Thirty but we're on the subject of whining i wanted to read this to you everybody there was this was back in two thousand seventeen and i'm quoting this article actually quoting an immigration bars report from time article that said undocumented immigrants are being swept up in immigration rage targeting their friends neighbors and co workers under the trump administration's new enforcement priorities isis instructed to detain and deport anyone who is in the country illegally which means even so called quote non targets are ending up in custody after a raid a member of the san diego chapter said under the obama administration many of these people would never have ended up in deportation proceedings because the focus was on people who had aggravated felony convictions another member of this immigration bar said quote it's basically a push through a lot of different ways to try to deport as many people as possible without regard to whether or not they're a public safety threat wow that is sinister the law does not say you're not deportable unless you're a public safety threat the law says you're deportable if you meet these criteria for deportation and it is not a good argument is so vile to say that oh the bottom of the obama administration was more lenient that that is baseline ridiculous leniency is not an enforceable law is just one administration giving you a pass and this is lawyers using whining as a legal strategy and i find it disgusting i want to hear what you think six one seven two five four ten thirty we're going to go to luchino and pennsylvania luchino you're on the air hello mr the franco i'm being politically listen i get sick and tired of these latino immigration lawyers always calling americans races i hear him on spanish tv is spanish radio that's all they constantly say their race these these gringos are racist because they don't want people of color in this country the the schedule it's pathetic i can't stand that garbage coming out of these immigration but you know immigration laws by the way i believe it's thirty thirty five percent of state prisoners are are illegal they're in jail for murder robbery kidnapping drug smuggling childmolestation etcetera the liberal media would not tell you that i heard this on another to philadelphia talk radio station by conservative immigration lawyer that's actually statistic again i usually have that folder with me.

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