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Crunchy this show at nine fifteen the nuggets seven twenty two as well great star wars in topgun right go ahead rita ora is an english pop star calvin why por calvin didn't they used to date i don't know but she's with some other do for now the guy's got a man who you're not into the man so i'm going to hand you the picture of the two of them like zebra leotards but you can't do the the man far from me so she and her boyfriend he's a musician his name's andrew watt they were strolling along a beach in italy and 'paparazzi i guess you know was following them because it's you know she's famous here's a shot of the two of them walking down the beach together and the and the baby bellies that's not even that's not even a dad bod that guy's gross that's a bod so anyway he's very nice he and she went back and sat down in a cabana were there appear to be other people around this is not super private at all like there's a bunch of chase lounges and they all have towels on them and i see multiple drinks on donald sort of biggish table there he is sitting at the foot of her chase lounge and he's sucking on her toes he's just sitting comfortable just second away on her toes he's hungry or he.

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