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Producing from his home studio in Connecticut. Taylor Schwenk buster only working from my home studio. He just north of New York City Taylor. I remember early on during the lockdown. That you were every Friday every Saturday. You're taking a long drive. You still doing that now. That we're more than a month into this. The drives have dried up in the last two weekends. We might go for one this coming up next weekend but I'll pull back the curtain a little bit. My wife and I are two consecutive weekends to different people We've done these like zoom murder mystery parties which are a lot of fun. Actually I know that people do them face to face in real life. But we've gotten a little creative here and if you guys are looking to do something like that I would highly recommend it. It's fun to dress up a little bit. You know we did a twenty s era one and a seventy era once we made some different cocktails for it and My first time I wasn't really sure what to expect and I enjoyed it quite a bit. So that's taken over the drives a little bit so that's your recommendation. Mine is digging up. Dandelions which has become an obsession for me. Because you know because I'm home I've made up my mind. I'm going to have the best lawn in my neighborhoods and so over the weekend. My fifteen year old son who certainly has moments. When he doesn't like me very much. This weekend I assign him digging up two hundred dandelions. I dug up that many myself. We are on a hunt for Dandelions at our place. Is that sound. Like Fun Taylor It sounds like a negative fund. But where do you think you are on your quest to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood like are you like seventy five percent of the way there or where where do you stand? Doodo mobster good start like my lawn is looking really good like I cut around the edges. All the things in the past where I get back from Sunday night baseball and Monday and I'd be tired and I'd see some clipping that I need to do and I wouldn't do it now. Like up at five in the morning just dying for that. I like to get out and do it so trying to make the best of it so you got you know. Murder Mystery Zoom. I've got dandelions it's all what whatever you need to get through it. It's it's dragging on here so you gotta you gotTa take what you can get there. You go well this is contributors week. Folks who helped the sport of baseball not necessarily as players managers are front optics executives. And we'll start with Bob Kendrick. Who is the President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City? In Alaska who he thinks is the greatest player of all time. We'll hear from Sarah Lines as well. I The news and notes retired Los Angeles dodgers broadcaster. Been scully's back home. After falling and being hospitalized the team quoted scully in twitter Saturday saying home and resting comfortably with my wife and we are both eagerly awaiting the time for dodger baseball. I almost can't say without trying to imitate. I'm not GONNA do that. The Cape Cod Baseball League. Renounce Summer League for top college stars cancelled. Its Two thousand twenty season due to the corona virus pandemic. It announced on Friday. The Cleveland Indians will pay regular salaries to full-time employees through June thirtieth. But the club has had to furlough others due to the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic the teams that senior executives took voluntary salary reductions to ensure the team could continue to pay staffers. The Indians confirm they furloughed Many of their part time employees and interns those will take effect on. May first and there is sad. News Steve Del Hausky a while. Left-hander was said to have been dubbed the fastest pitcher in baseball history. By Ted Williams died this week in new Britain Connecticut. He was eight years old. Before we get to Sarah into Bob. Don't forget about Jalen and Jacoby. The after show the guys are recapping episodes. Three and four of the last dance. The shows went up right after the last dance aired. And they'll continue doing that throughout the run of this Docu series Jalen and Jacoby. The after show is brought to you by State Farm and at and T. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts numbers game. They're laying say reporter producer for MLB DOT COM. And Sarah in a moment. We're GONNA be talking about Kendrick head of the Negro Leagues Museum in Baseball Museum in Kansas City. And so Sarah what I sent you an email over the weekend saying you know what? I'm curious about your perspective on who or the Five Best Negro Leagues players of all time. How would you rank them? Starting with number five. Yeah so I love looking into this and I love thinking about this because you know this is an area of baseball history that we don't know quite as much about and I know I personally have learned a lot about maybe over the last ten years or so but I feel like I'm always learning more and more about these players in reading more of these legends so it was a great great opportunity to dig back into this and I love it so my number five is Oscar Charleston. And you know they're so many great comparisons when you read about these players. Everybody is compared to some absolute legend and the one that I have for Oscar Charleston. Buck O'Neil said. He was the greatest player that he ever saw. He was compared to tie Cobb interest speaker and he was considered the Negro National in Israel. I real- superstar back in nineteen twenty and he could hit close to four hundred played a great outfield. Iran. Base while and Satchel page side. You have to see him to believe him anyway. And so the hall of fame in Nineteen Seventy six and of course buck. O'neil was a longtime first baseman and a manager and he we scout. He's got it later in life. There's actually an award at the hall of fame given every year now That's name for Buck O'Neil. Whose NUMBER FOUR. So number four. I've got cool Papa. Bell you know legendary speed one story. I saw said that he went from home home. In twelve seconds which is really fun. You know we can actually contextualized that now whether or not it's true we don't know but you know the fact that people thought that was true. I mean that's right there with the fastest home-to-home times who see on home runs you know now a stack cast so and he taught. Lubar have a steel basis. I think that almost tells you all you need to know in humans. The Hall of fame in Nineteen Seventy four and cool papa. Bell of course. The great story about said tongue in cheek was that he was so fast when he turned off the lights which he'd be back under the covers before the late actually went out. Who's number three so number? Three is Buck Leonard. He was the homestead grays first base for seventeen years which made him the longest tenure player with one team in the entire history of the Negro Leagues. He Josh Gibson were outstanding. Duo led the team to nine Negro nationally pennants and five world series. Aaron says and he went to the hall of fame in Nineteen. Seventy two number. Two number. Two is Josh Gibson so dizzy Dean called him. One of the best that he ever saw it for a ton of power. The legends are absolutely incredible. They talk about five hundred foot home runs and maybe he hit nine. Hundred home runs in his career. We don't know you know for sure. But he certainly was. You know an absolute outstanding catcher an outstanding a power hitter and he wins the hall of fame in Nineteen. Seventy two as well number one all time. So Am I number one. I have sexual page. I'm not sure that he was the absolute best player in the history of the Negro Leagues. But I think he is certainly the most famous on so I was sort of going back and forth between him Gibson whose number one number two I ended up with Satchel page number one. He was the first to go into the hall of fame. He's the most associated with the league. I think a lot of ways and you know a lot of people thought he was the greatest pitcher whoever left and I want to ask you about the greatest player of all time in any league for me. It's always been willie. Mays who to me? He did so many things well he was fast. He could play defense. He hit for power. He won the Most Valuable Player in the National League. A couple of times Led the League in a home runs multiple times. He won a batting title in One Thousand. Nine hundred fifty four. It's six hundred. Sixty homers had three thousand two hundred eighty three hits scored over two thousand runs in his career. That would be my pick for greatest player of all time. How about you? Yeah I mean I you. I have talked about many times on here. My mother grew up a huge giant. Stand a huge giant fan. Let's hear about Willie mays since I you know basically couldn't talk yet and I've always always default to him but I will say that you know as I learn more and more about these Negro Leagues players. I mean I do think that you know there are so many players who you hear that you know could have been the greatest of all time or would have been considered the greatest of all time in major league history. Had they gotten the chance to play their gotten a chance to play. They're in their prime. So I think that there certainly are You know other considerations to take but I always go slowly mace yes. Some people would argue Babe Ruth. Some people would argue Henry Aaron. I'm going to put that question of Bob in just a moment. Sarah thanks for doing this. Always great to talk with you. Basis for having me investor. Kendrick is President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City. Missouri and Bob. Thanks for joining us. Sit at time when everybody's looking for distraction and I know you've got a lot of stories always exciting for me because I'm looking forward to those same distracting about these baseball and baseball history because the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum like everybody else has been so greatly impacted by the health situation that we're currently.

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