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Row, moved within a half game of playoff spot with 10 games to go. Amir Garrett, who got his first big league save last night, but you gotta keep it going. That's it. It's a good baseball. Things are starting to click. Finally, um Make me smell. Some playoff baseball value around the corner. So you know we had a locket in and really bear down little bit, you know? Just come together, man, and I'm proud of this team. We're playing good baseball we gotta do is just keep it up. Reds Go for a serious sweet tonight 700 wlw coverage. 5 40 with the Arnold Carrier Sensei Pitch Kelsey Chevrolet. Extra Innings show after the game. Bangles Update Battle of Ohio Part one tomorrow night Bangles up against the Browns in Cleveland. The action right here on 700 wlw. The Browns are a six point favorite. Yesterday, the Bengals claiming kicker Austin Sybert off waivers from the Browns. He was let go Monday by the Cleveland after missing a field goal in the next Her point and they're lost to the Ravens last Sunday. He's insurance of Randy Bullock can go with that calf injury. Zach Taylor. We expect rain in to kick this Thursday against, he kind of worked through his his tightness yesterday. We just wanted to make sure that he's gonna be in good shape for climbing up. It's not a big deal. Rainey's or kicker, eh? NBA playoffs, Jamal Murray with 40 points, nuggets over the Clippers and 104 to 89 in Game seven. The Westside Finals. Denver advances to battle the Lakers in the conference finals starting Friday night. Miami Takes Game one of the East final by three over Boston and overtime at HL. The Islanders outlast Tampa Bay to wanna know Double OT lighting Still up in that serious three games to two, Game six tomorrow night, Novick Jo Jo Covic says that his default of the U. S open last weekend for hitting a lines person in the throat will stick with him forever. He spoke at the Italian Open. Of course I did not forget about it. I don't think I'll ever forget. What about it? Because it's one of those things that Stays in your memory for the rest of your life. Um But I don't think I'll have any major issues coming back to the tour and being able to perform well and And hit the tennis ball, of course during the point and Gulf of the U. S. Open begins tomorrow at wing foot in New York State. Tiger Woods tees off tomorrow morning at 807 A M in the first round with no fan. Unfortunately, this is our new reality. You know, there's something where we're we're getting used to it. It's not something We like We want the fans. We want atmosphere out there. But, you know safety..

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