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The latest note total six to nine inches in the city much more outside the city from eleven a the which is coming up to about two that'll be the worst of the storm should all be over by about six o'clock we'll have a complete update in just a couple of minutes but first let's talk to the voice of broadway the great broadway columnist of the new york post and author of a michael riedal wrote a great book called razzle dazzle he should get that book incredible stories in it michael riedal how you doing good morning mark but you know plays i gotta tell you even new yorkers you win south aero oh sixty because if show of snow nine inches of snow i grew up in buffalo new york all right i survived the blizzard of 77 we have six inches we didn't have nine inches we had twelve feet of snow please new yorkers you're like oh my gosh we can't get to work and the snow was out there you're all wimps sharon new york well i grew up in the midwest six inches was a normal snowstorm their mcl members school ever being closed now they're schools were never close when i was growing up in buffalo new york here twelve feet of snow i remember rubbing the blizzard of seventy seven the snow was so high that it blocked my uh that the house i grew up in it blocked the the front door and so my father open my bedroom window and we live out my bedroom window so we could take out the house so we could open or i like looking out the window i i'm here you know the west village and oh everybody looks like oh it's gonna be a terrible day out there and like six inches this is nothing new yorkers you survive september eleven's and you panic about a snowstorm please give me a break here of course yes truth is buffaloes a wonderful place but it's insane to live there you got six months of the.

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