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Oh Hey hey. Hey Ashley I'm in Mesa Arizona right right now we're practicing Four the live tour. The Bachelor live on stage starts on the thirteenth. And so right. Now I'm in Mesa in my dressing room and Ashley Year in Los Angeles so we're not together and it's sad. Well we're GONNA be together on Friday. We're GONNA need some podcasts together to be cool and I will be making a special appearance at the Reno. Oh a day on the bachelor live tour. Ben People are probably like why. What are you her seeing you to standing up on the MIC? It's like a Broadway show a per junction auction. You're doing can you explain to people like what's going to be happening. It's not just Washington a couple people date it's like you're saying. Are you singing. Not what I hope so. You know. It's wild so first off. I had a terrible flu for three days so I flew out here on on Wednesday which was the six and for the you know since then I've had a fever but we've put in like eight to ten hour days as practising for this tour So I'm struggling a bit so if I start to fall asleep happily the podcast you know why but I took a little break from practice to talk to you and talk to the audience but yeah it's been rough. I've had some some massive fevers but I'm glad it happened. Now and not why we're touring. So we've we've talked a little bit but I think now is a really good time to talk about it since it starts this week. So the bachelor live on stage tour. Was this idea that happened. Because batch donation nations everywhere from big cities small cities so we're going to sixty six cities around the US. Were picking a lucky local bachelor from each city and then ten women that he's lucky enough to date on stage they will go through group dates one on one dates. They will have a fantasy suites. They will have hometowns. They will fill up hometowns breath. They'll have hometowns. Parents are all their Ashley. This show thought everything. I'M NOT KIDDING IT IS I. I went into this when I said Yes to this. What was it seventy eight months ago I was like Oh? This'll be fun. It is a crew that is massive. The amount of time effort and money put into the show is incredible. They're they're just they've thought of everything and what it's really going to do is kind of allow fans of the show to see how the show happens on TV Except live in front of them for two and a half hours and possibly see if connections can be made on stage. It's been great. I would love to give you details but you know just as as you'd assume the show really want you to have to come to the show and then we'll come back on the podcast and we'll I'll talk all about my eyewitness. Yeah it's GonNa be wild I'm super pumped about it. It's been a lot more than I expected. I will be dancing Hosting with BECCA. Kufra N- They're out there practicing thing right now. I can look at the screen and see them doing it but yeah it it's GonNa be fun and I'm glad that we get to go to all these places around the US and say hi to Bachelor Nation. I think is really gonNA be inexperienced trip around the country for anybody that watches the show so please come out and see us at one of the sixty six cities Bashar live on stage dot com to find a place. It's near you get some tickets very very cool. Are we ready to talk about hot topics around the bachelor nation super confused by some of these. so how `bout you leaders us and then I have some fog questions just to figure out. What exactly is happening? Okay so I'm just going to read this statement that Tammy put out to her in Ceram last week apologizing for being nasty. She says quote. Okay I'm going to address this once and for all remember that this is a show I do take responsibility for my action and I never intended tended to hurt anyone. I'm very sorry to those. I did hurt but my heart was never coming from an intentionally malicious place eh. I already don't like his apology because she started out sounding so happy puppy. Okay I'M GONNA draft once and for all I tend to gravitate towards humor in situations like this. Nothing about that was humorous. Because I'm not trying to more in the past mistakes that I've made. They're all human. We're all we're all human. All of us have done things. We're not proud of so. Please hear me when I say I never meant to hurt anyone and I'm sorry my five minute nasty moment on TV doesn't define who. I am respect that that that's me saying respect just like how your mistakes digs undefined. Who you are either? Remember that all of us who participated in the show are human too and some of you say nasty things to us us then we also respect. Okay so I got it like obviously I get it. How do you feel like this is a genuine apology? Then I think he's a genuine apology. I just think any apology that turns it back on me. Being the victim again is not exactly fair. Like what are you apologizing for your mean to somebody. I think you own and you know again. We've gone through this year over year. Fans needs need to be nicer to the contestants. Come on the show dear putting yourself out there. It's not easy but also contestants on the show it's never okay for what people say to you. I will never say you should just ignore it and just move on and don't let it bother you. It hurts but please know that when you start to get these like hateful comments and people start to troll you on instagram. Social Media Your aren't alone it's been happening for years and it's happened to every single person and I think that's where this for me goes just know Tammi that you aren't aloneness. Were everybody got. Hey and so what we should be talking about is how do we love better better and not. How do we eliminate more? It's I think love eliminate and I agree with her when she says like. Don't let my mistakes define me because I've said some stupid with stupid stuff on the show to and take it back and I regret I don't regret like a ton of actions by definitely regret some comments that I made just being Sassy and totally the overly emotional in the interview room but I do think that she's like not really apologizing to the girls that she heard there she's apologized. She's like saying sorry that she looks better. Better to the bachelor audience. Yeah I mean that's always. That's always the kind of the way that you value in apology is why you doing. Are you doing it to actually apologize. aww Is to the to the women that were min that you heard or whoever was hurt in the process. Were you doing it to enhance your own image. I don't know here I don't think you are claiming to know either but will say is just make sure that apologies coming from a place of. I'm sorry for what I said and I'm sorry for what I did and then we all can go. I get it. We've you've done it too but if it's I'm sorry for what I did and also look. How great is still in? Its like yeah. Works also apology seller contests don't have have to be pro like don't have to be public. I think if it's a true policy the pulse is in private and then like if you really if you need that to be out there that I'm sure or the girl will back you up when you go film women tell all next week and you know if they come at you then hopefully Kelsey or McKenna China would say something like she did. Come to me in jobs privately off camera like it was very nice and I accept it the best way to go about things that would be awesome. I would love if sometime on. Don't tell all people are like. Hey we've talked off camera without any cameras because this was such a big and prevalent to us. We've resolved it and we come here today. Just tell you that adults still exist on the show and adults really do care about each other on this show and we're going to move forward even though it it's hurt. That would be an amazing the moment I would love to watch that and I hope it goes down this time on tele the best way and tant Tim. You're listening it's the best way all right moving on Emma Bachelor Alum Crystal Nielsen Calls The show environment toxic. I would say that to each his own when it comes to calling the environment of the show. Any word any adjective to be honest. Because like I would never have thought it'd be toxic but crystal didn't have a great experience on the show so for her hurt was toxic. Her quote is it's so crazy watching the bachelor because it feels like such a toxic environment. They're in honestly. I think it's really scary very and I think that in this case crystal is alluding to this currencies and of the bachelor which I also think it's toxic. I think that these girls are out for themselves. There wasn't seem to be many genuine relationships being formed. It seems like a scary cold place to be. Feels like contestants from the past Ashley and tell. Tell me if I'm wrong. This is a if this is. What crystal saying is that? This season feels toxic to be in that house. It feels like for the first time in a long time. Contestants are starting to speak. Speak out and say I could not be in this house. This house doesn't feel fun. Yeah Debbie I sat on twitter like that's kind of what's being said from most people that have been on the show before right like this is the first time that people watch and go. There's not one moment I've wanted to be in the house. Now I use it like not at all dread staying home home when there was a group date or a or one on going on I was just GonNa hang out my friends today. Sounds bad but these girls like God. I've I didn't get to escape from them. I'd be very sad. She continues by saying seeing all this stuff come up from Kent contestants now like blast from the past means that anything could be exposed on the show now especially how they are leaking everyone earlier That is very interesting because there are some stories that are being dredged up about these contestants like Sydney had to go have all those photos from her yearbook. Come out last week. And people were insinuating that she wasn't actually eating lunch alone in a bathroom stall because the pictures and then of course. There's about Victoria floating around on the Internet. And I think we'll learn more about that next week and there is Victoria's whitefish lives matter campaigns and all this stuff probably..

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